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After the game boots up go to the Italian Flag. Press L2, R1, Up and square together and hold for 8 seconds.

You’ll get a menu allowing you to play any of the movies. Choose the language you want to play the game in, and you will find you can choose any team, including the Marines or Cyborgs when you enter the tussle mode.


Run to the corner near the opponents goal area, press pass and then quickly press shoot. If you have an unmarked man you are almost guaranteed a goal. If your man gets the ball but has opposition players around him, quickly press pass again and then shoot. Even if you don’t get a goal most of the opposition will have come back towards the area making defending against their counter attack easier.

Run quickly up the wing near the barrier, avoid their defenders and at the 3 point boundary line turn 90 degrees towards goal take a couple of steps and shoot with some curve on the ball. In early matches you can use this technique to easily score, but as you get stronger you may miss the goal and hit the post, try to anticipate the rebound and be ready to get the ball and shoot again.

If you have the ball and are near the opposition goal post in their three point area, make sure you don’t step into the goal area as the goalie will get the ball. Instead quickly pass away from goal then immediately shoot. The goalie normally will approach the first player to grab the ball and can’t recover quickly enough to save the ball from the other angle.

Don’t forget to practice in Tussle mode with your own league team by loading them in by pressing circle twice, the first press just loads in your league statistics, the second press loads in your personal team.

Special Moves

You can only perform a special move on the opposition player with the ball. The three standard moves are effective and easy to perform but don’t forget that the normal punch is also pretty potent.

Triangle X - this grabs the ball and pushes the opponent over. This is a good move to perform at a "kick off". When you play against the better teams, quickly move back to your own half a couple of steps and pass the ball or the opposition will perform a special move on you. This move is also partially good in either goal area as you end up with the ball, all of the other special moves leave the ball available for the another member of opposition to retrieve.

Triangle - Circle - this move will head butt the opposition player.

Triangle Square - This move will kick the opposition player in the groin.

The next three special moves all cause more damage on your rivals than the standard offensive moves, but the player who performs the move will not be in a position to recover the ball, therefore you should try to get another team member to the ball as soon as possible. If you are playing long quarters these moves can be very effective in the first couple of quarters to do a lot of damage to the opposition players. These moves are also very effective in the two player game as your opponent often can’t get another player to recover the ball quickly. If you have a couple of players together near a loose ball, sometimes it can be effective to leave the ball alone, stand near it and perform a string of these special moves as the enemy players try to recover the ball.

Triangle circle circle

triangle circle X

Square X Triangle


Different weapons become available as you play through the leagues. Use the weapons tactically, either to help with a attack or as defensive manoeuvre. The bomb will explode whoever has the ball, and is often useful to use as the opposition goalie collects the ball.

Triangle Triangle - gun

Square Square - chainsaw

Triangle and Square - bomb

Management & training

The aim of dead ball zone is to work your way up through the three leagues with your own team. You start with in the local division, after winning that you pick a new team from the national division. When you have won that you can move on to the geo-sphere league. Finally you can get to be the Cyborgs or the Marines if you defeat them.

One crucial point to remember is that when you are promoted to a new league and pick a new team you keep your old players. Therefore if you have trained them properly you should have a better team than the opposition you are playing against. Don’t forget to rename your team each time you start a new league.

Some other points to consider are;

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