DUKE NUKEM PlayStation

Gameplay Basics

Although everyone has their own style, the following general tips apply throughout the game.

* Look for secrets everywhere--Duke Nukem is loaded with surprises and items that will help you adjust those alien attitudes.

* Watch your ammunition--Duke automatically switches weapons when the current one runs out of ammo. Make sure that Duke is holding the weapon you intend to use.

* Give me a gun - in the standard configuration, holding L1 and L2 and pressing triangle will bring up a gun.

* Quick Kick - With the standard config, holding L1 and L2 and pressing square will perform a kick.

* Save your game regularly.

* Use Duke’s speed to your advantage--Duke is faster than any of the enemies he’ll face. If the firefight gets a bit too hot, don’t be embarrassed to make tracks and live to fight another day.

* Use the terrain to your advantage--Underwater enemies can’t hurt you if you surface, although you can fire right through water to get them.

* Pipe Bombs make great calling cards--Toss them around corners and through doors to clear things out before you follow.

* Don’t waste valuable explosive ammunition--Using a Missile or Grenade on a single Assault Trooper or Pig Cop is overkill. Save high explosive rounds for crowds and the bosses

* Look for health everywhere--If you can’t find any Medpacks, look for a toilet or water fountain. Drinking water restores Hit Points slowly, but it’s usually worth it to keep yourself in top shape. Using the lavatory will boost Dukes health by 10 points once only on every level.

* Save items--Don’t use a newfound item just to see what it does. You may need it later after it’s gone. Seldom do items appear in a level when they don’t directly help you complete it.

* Be creative--There is always more than one way to get the job done. If it appears that you have to have a Jetpack to get somewhere, look for a another way up, most of the time, there is one.



Duke's Mighty Foot—If you run out of ammo, you'll be reduced to kicking, so do your best to stay loaded. Duke's kick is only effective at close range, and it isn't very powerful, but is useful to save ammo to kick rubbish bins, windows etc.

Pistol—. Use this weapon in close quarters, or as a last resort. You can carry 200 rounds for the Pistol Clip. Pistols you find are loaded with 4 clips (48 rounds).

The Shotgun takes out Assault Troopers, Assault Captains, and sometimes Pig Cops with one blast.. Duke can carry 50 shells at a time, and each box he finds contains 10 shells.

Ripper Chaingun Cannon—You can only carry 200 rounds for this beast, which you'll find in 50-round ammo cases. Any Chaingun you find will be loaded with 50 rounds. The Chaingun works great on slow-moving Octabrains

Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher, the RPG is deadly at long range, and You can carry 50 rounds for the RPG, Boxes of Grenades have 5 rounds inside, as do any RPGs you find. Keep an eye out for Grenades as you explore—you can never get enough!

Pipe Bombs can be thrown or laid on the ground, then safely detonated from a distance. To lay down multiple Pipe Bombs, drop one then hit the switch weapon button and drop another. You can detonate your trap from anywhere in the level. Just switch to Pipe Bombs and pull the trigger. You can find Pipe Bombs singly, or in boxes of five.

The Shrinker is a great weapon to use on a crowd of angry alien troops, especially Assault Troopers, Assault Captains, and Pig Cops. Let fly with the Shrinker, then walk up to them. Your boot will lash out, squashing them into the ground with a satisfying sound. Don't take your time stepping on those cute little aliens—they will un-shrink in a short period of time. Duke can carry 50 Shrinker shots at once, and each cell he picks up has 5 shots inside. Boss aliens are immune to the Shrinker's effects, so be sure you have something else handy when you come up against them.

Freeze-thrower— Once your prey is frozen, walk up to them and Duke will automatically kick them into tiny pieces. .As with the Shrinker, don't take your time smashing them. The freeze effect will wear off quickly. Your backpack will hold 99 shots for the Freeze-thrower. This is another weapon that is good for slowing down a crowd. Freeze-thrower shots will ricochet from surfaces, so try using the weapon around corners to chill out the aliens waiting for you. Also freezing an alien or an opponent in a multi-player game in the air often releases an atomic health boost when they crash to the ground.

The Devastator—A flurry of small Stinger missiles will fly from Duke's fists when you fire this weapon, Don't even think about using this piece of hardware in a small room, unless you've got a death wish. Duke can carry 99 missiles for the Devastator.

Laser Tripbomb—Push these onto walls, and a laser tripwire springs to life across the corridor. Anything crossing the beam triggers the. You can set multiple Tripbombs, as long as you don't cross any of the beams yourself. You can carry 10 of them, and they are found in single form only.

In the Boss levels, you can set a trap for the beast in question just outside their entry point. When they cross it—BOOM! You can do some serious damage in a hurry.



These items are used immediately when picked up, and cannot be stored in inventory.

Small Medpack—This welcome sight restores 10 percent of Duke's health,

Large Medpack—This larger version restores 30 percent of Duke's health,

Atomic Health—This power-up gives Duke a boost of 50 percent health, if you can gt to one hundred percent health, then pick up the atomic for a boost above 100.

Armor—Provides protection against attacks.

Inventory Items

These items can be stored in your inventory for later use.

Portable Medpack—Use one of these to restore 100 percent of Duke's health.

Steroids—This gives Duke an immediate burst of adrenaline,

Holoduke—This device projects an image of Duke

Jetpack—. The Jetpack enables Duke to fly for a short period of time.

Night Vision Goggles—This useful item gives Duke night vision for a short time..

Scuba Gear—Duke needs this item to prolong his stays underwater.

Protective Boots—This nifty footwear enables Duke to stand in lava or toxic slime

Access Cards—Certain areas Duke needs to gain access to are locked.


The Aliens

Battlelord—He’s the first Boss alien you’ll face, and he’s definitely a tough challenge. Battlelords have two attacks: (1) at long range he’ll fire Grenades at you with deadly accuracy; (2) up close and personal, he uses a wicked machine gun attack. Your best chance for survival is to get airborne using a Jetpack, and slam him with Missiles or Submachine Gun fire. Without a Jetpack, you’ll have to use the terrain to your advantage. The lava trench in his chamber is good cover for you as you cross and re-cross it to get out of harms way. Circle him as you blast him with everything you’ve got, and don’t get backed into a corner. He does a good job of keeping his machine gun on you, so try to keep moving. It takes 10 direct hits with Missiles, 17 Grenades, or a steady stream of SMG fire to bring the Battlelord to his knees. Later in the game, you’ll come across watered-down versions of this beast that can be brought down with half the above totals.

Overlord—The second alien Boss is extremely difficult to defeat, primarily you don’t have a lot of room to work with. The strategy to defeat him is actually easy to perform, if you shoot him then run to the pool in the wall you can shoot him with your pistil

The Cycloid Emperor—Your final challenge will be a fight to the death against the alien’s leader. After all the battles you fight to get here, the aliens have put all their money on their leader to finish off Duke for good. This hulking monstrosity meets you on the 50-yard line of a football stadium, and he has all the tools to make gravy out of you if you don’t get moving. As with the Overlord, the only chance you stand of defeating him is to circle him as you pump everything you’ve got into him. If you came to the stadium fully loaded, don’t worry about reloading—you should have enough to do the job. The stadium has a few items lying around, so you can scoop up anything you need on the fly. Speaking of flying, a Jetpack evens the odds considerably, so get airborne if you can. Once he falls, stick around for the cinematic ending—it’s too cool to miss!

Cyber-Keith--This guy is the final Boss in the game, and he's also the toughest. He fires Grenades that will land on the ground and behave like land mines, so the last thing you want to do is let him get you in an enclosed space. You'll encounter him in the Ministry of Fear, and you need to get him outside as soon as you can. Once there, keep your distance and use the walls in the area as cover as you fire RPG rounds and Devastator Missiles at him. He can close the distance between you in a hurry, so keep moving as you punish him.


All of the secrets are revealled in the walkthrough for each level.


I'm sorry but Duke didn't want any cheats for the PlayStation version, you're just gonna have to do it like a real man.