Nine - 9: The Last Resort

PC Adventure Game Walkthough And Solution

Your late Uncle Thurston's ingenious MUSE machine provided creativity, art and inspiration for all of the inhabitants of the last resort. Your mission is a race against the Twins, the purveyors of evil and chaos in the Resort who have dismantled the MUSE machine and are intent on destroying your inheritance.

Aided by the resort's 9 Muses, you must find the missing pieces of the MUSE machine and restore the old mansion to its former glory, before the Twins complete their own machine and bring the resort to its downfall.

This is not an easy task.

You must solve every puzzle, decipher the notation clues and duel with the Twins in order to beat them at their wicked game. The puzzles must be solved in a certain order, so pay close attention to the vital clues that each solution procures. Be sure to write down every notation clue that you encounter - you will have to refer to them often in order to win the game.

Each game offers your computer six different configurations that make up the answers to your puzzles. As a result, you may have different formulas than your friends for solving some of the puzzles. There are several different answers to each puzzle, but only one solution.

Here you will find solutions and game-playing strategy tips to all of the puzzles of the Last Resort.