The Basement

When you step out of the Elevator, a cross-hair sight appears on the screen controlled by the mouse. Your mission is to shoot the 50 mechanical shooting gallery rats and any real rats that appear . Your score is tracked by a series of 50 Christmas style lights that progressively illuminate with each rat shot. If you succeed, you will be able to find the Monocle, the last piece for the MUSE machine, in the rat's lair.

For helpful tips on shooting the mechanical rats.
To find the Monocle.

For helpful tips on shooting the mechanical rats

Yellow rats are worth more points than mechanical rats. Be sure to pay attention to the real rats that appear. It takes four shots to kill them. If you don't kill them, they will kill you . Don't forget to reload your gun. Hold down the control key when you are shooting. If you manage to hit a mechanical rat while holding down the control key, your gun barrel will turn into a clip - giving you 50 shots for 15 seconds. Don't give up if you are still having a hard time - the difficulty level of the shooting gallery decreases each time you get killed by a rat.

To find the Monocle

Walk through the basement and through the small hallway at the far end. Straight ahead is a boarded up door. Looking through the cracks you see part of a jungle. To your right is a table with a piece of paper on it. It is page 2 of the blueprints to the MUSE machine (Recall you saw page 1 on the back of the MUSE Room Door). Unrolling the paper reveals your Uncle Thurston's Monocle, the last piece of the MUSE machine. The Monocle is in fact the glowing circle that you followed down the stairs into the Lobby when you first started playing the game and were attacked by the Twins at the beginning of the game. It turns out that when the Twins attacked you, the rats stole the monocle from them and hid it in their lair. Return the monocle to the MUSE VR Room.