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Map 17 Chambers of Torment

Deal with the death knight ahead and continue up the stairs and kill the ogre. Pick up the ring of shadows and return to the start. Jump on to an island with the red armour, kill the scrags and jump onto the islands to the far corner where you get a lift. Kill the waiting death knight and ogre. Snipe the vore on the bridge from the window. Continue to the stairs and kill an ogre. Make your way back to the main hallway, kill an ogre and a couple of scrags around the corner, them another ogre. A fiend pounces from at you from a room ahead, after you kill it, pick up the green armour, and let the vore around the corner have it with your rocket launcher. After it's dead, throw a couple of grenades at an ogre into the alcove on the left side, past the faces on the wall. Snipe the ogre behind the bars ahead. Tackle a death knight to the right, then deal with another vore. Once it's gone, continue forward, grab the nails and back into the silver key. Once you get it, a pair of ogres drop down, kill them then look up at the ceiling. Shoot the symbol, and enter a secret area though the panel that lowers. Get the armour and continue through, step on the floor panel to open and exit then get the quad damage. Go through the silver key door which is ahead to the left. Kill the two death knights, and shoot rockets at the fiend and the ogre in the next room, finally deal with the scrags. Go through the left and deal with two more death knights. Step on to the lift, turn around and deal with another death knight ahead, and another around the corner. Return to the lift shaft and shoot the red symbol directly above, walk carefully over the lip and kill the ogres below from this vantage point. Collect the goodies and return in the lift, at the corner you'll encounter a couple of scrags. Kill them then drop down and run over the button on the floor, get the armour, and leave the room as quickly as possible so the nail traps don't damage you too much. Two vores are on a walkway in the room beyond, snipe them from the doorway, then cross walkway into a corridor with a death knight and a pair of scrags. Run over the buttons and two ogres will come out of a room behind you. When your able kill the ogre, scrag, and death knight, then use the moving platforms to other side. A vore waits at the end of the hall, along a corridor to the left, deal with it and then grab the gold key. A fiend waits in the corridor where you killed the vore, if you don't want to tackle it drop down off the ledge, otherwise, after you've killed it, press the button and head back and open the gold key door. Kill a series of scrags in the corridor, ride the lift up. Two vores will appear in the room below. Snipe them from the doorway, then go forward toward the rune. Two fiends will appear as you walk to the rune. After dealing with them you can exit to the next episode.