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Map 20 The Elder God Shrine

Nail the fiend ahead, grab the 100 health bonus, then shoot the window to open the door behind you Go through the door, leave the quad damage for now, and circle around the pillar to the room with the bronze door, draw the knights out and kill them one by one, then go in and nail the ogre. Get the green armour from within, walk into the gap behind the ramp and press the button there. When you press the button on the back wall you'll have too deal with a fiend and some knights, so get the quad damage from outside if you think you'll need it. When you are ready leave and enter the room to the right. Kill the scrags, drop to the ground and deal with the ogres behind. A couple of fiends will appear above. Try to snipe them. Jump into the pool, and swim forward. When you surface head right and find a grenade launcher in an open grave. Clear your path of zombies and run for the quad damage in the next section north. Get a 100 health bonus in the western area on a mound, head for the teleport and nail a fiend, grab some grenades from a room behind, then jump into the teleport. You will find yourself in a room with scrags attacking, killing a scrag opens the door. Get on the lift, just in case any fiends are roaming about, finish of the scrags then step through the stained glass windows for a secret area. If you look over the ledge you will see a red armour that you can pick up later, there should also be a portal behind it. That portal takes you to the secret level. If it isn't there, you need to return to the second room you visited room and press the button in the gap behind the slope. If the portal is there, notice the silver key door to your left, go through the door on the right. The first passage to the left has a resting spawn. After killing it grab the rockets from the ledge behind it, and then continue along the hallway. Deal with a pair of knights at the intersection, turn right and fallow the hall to the button. Press it and wait for the floor to lower you to another secret area. There is a quad damage in the corner, kill the zombies, and then step on and quickly off of the central lift. A portal is revealed beneath, jump into it, and you'll appear near the red armour you could see earlier. Step through the portal to the secret level, the nameless city, if you want to complete this level fully, jump off the platform, and continue up the corridor, this time turn left at the point you fought the knights. Continue past the gold key door, fight the two fiends. Follow the corridor around, one turning lead to the 100 health bonus in the room you started. Another turning leads to the yellow armour, collecting it opens a room with zombies and a ring of shadows.

You'll come to an intersection with spawns on each corner, deal with them, and then head for the red corridor. Run down the corridor, the floor will retract into the wall to the right, when you get to the end grab the rocket launcher, a fiend is revealed behind a wall, kill it and grab the silver key, now head back to the silver key door

Enter the door and follow the hall around right. You encounter a three knights, the a spawn around the corner. Grab the gold key ahead, and deal with three more knights. Head for the gold key door. Depending on your route there you may encounter some scrags, when you get to the door, deal with the ogres through the window, then enter the room and exit to the next level.

Secret Mission (Map 24) The Nameless City

Kill the two zombies and get the 100 health bonus. Next you'll encounter several fiends, a zombie and an ogre on a platform. Deal with them, then enter the room to the left, pick up the thunderbolt. If you need armour continue until you find the green armour, the wall will close behind you, and panels on the left and then right will raise revealing zombies, kill the zombies for the wall behind to lift again, then head back and enter the passage below the platform with the gold key, go into the small alleyway on the right, make your way up and deal with an ogre at the top. Run for the button on the wall, continue to the right, into the passage, attack the zombies, and take the lift. Grab the quad damage and deal with the vore in the room above, then drop down the hole to a secret area containing the red armour. Drop to the floor and find the well. Run into it so that you'll land on a platform below. Explode the zombies, the shoot the wall in the small alcove to get some ammo and health. Now look into the it below and locate the quad damage icon. Run towards it, you should land on the platform grabbing the quad, and finding another secret area. Drop into the water below, swim out, ignore the button on the wall for now, run past the structure and enter a series of lifts, kill the zombies and ogres you encounter, when you reach the top, hit the floor switch and return to the structure below. Hit the button on the wall and get on the beam that behind and to the right. Get the armour, drop into the structure and press the button. The floor will lower, shoot the red button ahead, exit the structure and kill the zombies, deal with a fiend around the corner, press another button, and a platform will lower. Get on the platform and jump across and surprise an ogre at the top, turn the corner, then jump over to collect the gold key. Drop down and open the gold key door in the corner, this counts as a secret area. Push the button on the wall, get back on the platform where you found the gold key via a new lift to one side of it. Continue around the corridor, deal with an ogre on a platform , and another couple below, drop down and go through the doorway to the right, with a zombie, avoid the nail trap. A couple of fiends will attack, get on the lift in the centre of the next room and jump across to the ledge. You'll need the quad damage in the next area, so deal with the vore and ogres, and then grab the quad and jump through the portal. Three fiends will attack, followed by a couple of vores and more fiends. Get the silver key and go through the portal back to the ledge. Return through the nail trap, and go through the other doorway, kill the zombies on the platform behind you, and head for the passage with the spike trap. Often a fiend is waiting here, kill it, jump over the bar on the floor, and another fiend will attack. Go up the slope at the far end of the hallway, wall in the rooms below will lower, kill the zombies and press the button in the new room, go into the other and collect the pentagram of protection. Go to the silver key door which is around the corner, past the spike trap to the left. Kill the ogre and open the door go up the ramp to the right and head for the cells, find a gap in the structure just in front of the cells and drop into a secret area. Kill the zombies, hit the button and head up the other platform, kill the vore and head through the exit.