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Map 22 The Pain Maze

Go to the corner of the ledge and shoot the fiend in the room below, one shot should make him run towards you, making an easy target. Once it's dead, grab the 100 health bonus and then the quad damage, drop to the floor and get the ring of shadows, kill the fiend to the left then head through the wooden door to the right. Kill the fiend that drops to the floor, then wait for two spawns to materialise, kill them and leave the room, dip back in and three more spawns will appear, throw some rockets towards them and then continue forward to a lift. Ride it up, then pepper the alter ahead with shoots, until it is defiled, then kill the three vores that appear. Take out the fiend and death knight, and the other death knight at the top of the lift. Grab the silver key from the alcove by the lift then drop into the pool in the room with all the spawns. Swim through, then almost straight up, yo u will enter a secret area with a biosuit, rockets and a thunderbolt. Return to the first room with the fiend and press the button on one of the pillars. This opens a lift that will take you to the area that had the fiend and death knight, and gives you your first secret area credit. Grab the goodies and return to the main room, go to the left and deal with a vore and get the 100% armour. Pass through the bars in the next room and kill all the spawns in the next room by lobbing grenades at them while you are on the ledge. Drop down into their area and press the four buttons on the pillars. Get the gold key and ride the lift up, a spawn will attack when the lift door opens. Throw some grenades into the main room as it's now occupied with spawns. Enter the pool and swim through for a biosuit and ring of shadows. Jump onto the platform, and walk onto the gold-key button to lower the lift. Kill the three death knights, then ride the lift up.make you way over to the wooden beam against the wall behind the red armour, shoot the celing window and the beam will rise making access to the armour possible and giving you another secret area credit. Grab the quad damage then get on to the other set of beams and jump over to the silver key door, swim through to a new area. Grab a ring of shadows at the bottom of the stairs, handle the fiends and vore, press the button, grab the armour and deal with the spawns. Head up the stairs, kill the vore and death knight and head round the corner. Death knights and a vore will appear below, snipe them as best you can, then grab the biosuit and jump into the water, shoot the off coloured wall of the central area under the water to reveal several goodies including a pentagram of protection, get it, kill the remaining enemy. Take the new platform / lift up and grab the rocket launcher, then jump through the portal. From the beam you land on, jump over to the landing at the same height, swim through to the next room. Grab the quad damage from the corner, shot the altar to open a door beyond, kill any enemy you desire, grab the 100 health bonus the other side of the altar. Deal with the death knight around the corner, and exit to the next level.