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This guide contains a walkthrough of each level, including details on how to reach every secret area and secret level.

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Episode 1: Maps one through to seven.

Episode 2: Maps eight through to twelve.

Episode 3: Maps thirteen through to eighteen.

Episode 4: walkthroughs for Maps nineteen through to twenty five.

For the level codes.

Episode 1: The Doomed Dimension

To complete Map 1: The Slipgate Complex.

For a solution to Map 2: Castle of the Damned.

for the solution to Map 3: The Necropolis and how to reach the secret mission.

for the guide to the Secret Mission: Map 7, Ziggurat Vertigo.

for Map 4: Gloom Keep.

For the solution to Map 5: The Door to Chthon.

for Map 6: House of Chthon.

Map 1 The Slipgate Complex

Jump on to the ledge to the right as you walk down the hall, and follow the instruction to shoot the wall section on the end. That reveals the first secret. Collect the shotgun shells and cross to the landing on the other side of the hallway. Run and jump across to the platform beyond. Run around to the right and grab the green armour. After getting the armour, return to the main area, enter the doorway and kill the grunt. Press the switch and the lift will descend, face right, and be ready for a rottweiler and another grunt, on the other side of the bridge. After killing them, drop into the water, head right, and keep going until you find another secret area containing a health boost. Get it and continue though the water, take a lift back up to where you grabbed the armour and return to the bridge. Cross the bridge and open the door, inside are several grunts and rottweillers. When shooting them try to hit the radioactive boxes to kill them for you. Make sure that you are not in the blast radius.

There are two ways of getting the next secret, the quad damage. The first is to walk the wall to the right hand side of the door. Look at the pillar and shoot the screen. The floor rises up, turn right, shoot the screen with Earth on it and walk in to the passage behind to grab the quad. Drop off the ledge and continue around the corner, a grunt and rottweiller will be waiting, kill them and take the life to the platform above. Shoot the waiting rottweiller and continue on the platform in to a room with a nailgun. As you collect it a wall rises revealing a grunt and a handy box of nails.

Exit the room and walk towards the slime pit. Kill the grunts on the other side of the pit, then use the button to create a path across. When you are halfway across, stop and aim for the red circle on the wall to your left. When you shoot it, a door opens to your left containing a double-barreled shotgun. Collect this secret and then continue across the pit. Be prepared for the grunts waiting for you around the corner. If you didn't pick up the quad damage earlier, shoot the differently coloured wall to your right to reveal an alternative passage to the quad. Continue down the ramp. Kill the enemy and hit the three buttons as you descend. The levels final secret area is in the slime. Behind the pillar is a biosuit. Grab it, then jump over the ledge into the slime.

Once in the slime, turn around and head for an opening, then following the passage around. In the distance is a ringed opening back above the slime. Jump out of this, grab any health you need and the yellow armour. Jump through the portal. Now head all the way back down the ramp to where you found the biosuit. A rottweiller and a another grunt are waiting around the corner, up the ramp from them are two more grunts. A wall section to the right can be shot to open to area where you found the second secret, the health boost. Exit though the slipgate for the second level.

Map 2 Castle of the Damned

First kill the ogre and grunt, then collect the nails from the water. Go through the doorway, up the stairs and kill the grunt and ogre on the bridge to your left. With ogres try to get close enough so that they don't try to hit you with the grenade, but not close enough, that they can hurt you with the chain-saw.

On the bridge turn to the right and kill the grunt, there is some green armour in the corner. Now get the double-barrelled shotgun from the other landing and continue around. Using the double-barrelled shotgun, try to kill the ogre before it has time to do any damage to you. Press on around the trying to avoid too much damage from the nail traps in the walls. Kill the second ogre and the grunts. Then look for a red shape on the wall, shoot it and if you need it, get the yellow armour by jumping up the steps.

Go up the stairs where the grunts had been, knights will be released to your left as you enter the room. As they only have swords, shoot at them while retreating to keep some distance between you. Once they are all gone, press the flashing pentagram switch on the wall. That reveals a wooden bridge at the end of the room, on the fair side is the silver key. Get it then turn around and kill the grunt on the far side. Continue around, killing grunts, look for the pillar with a stone sticking out near the bottom. Push this to reveal the quad damage secret.

Grab the quad, turn around and head down the stairs. Kill the grunts and open the door that requires the silver key. Kill the two ogres waiting for you, step over the stone on the floor that reveals a quot;fiendquot;. If you still have quad, blast it while retreating. If not, jump into one of the portals that are revealed and shoot it from above.

Once it's dead, get the other two secrets on this level. Return to the yellow armour. Jump into the water and swim towards the wall with the red shape, the wall slides up revealing a secret slope. Go up it and grab the health and walk through the portal to the green armour you saw on the bridge earler. Jump into the water again, turn left and swim through the gap and up the slope for another secret area. Continue on and return to the area that the fiend and ogres were in.

Walk up the stairs opposite the fiends pen, dispatch the knights and make for the exit door.

Map 3 The Necropolis

Grab the grenade launcher ahead, then explode the three zombies waiting around the corner. Kill the ogre in the corner of the room, then destroy the caged ogre by aiming slightly high of it while you stand out of reach on the platform opposite. Go down the stairs to your right and bounce a couple of grenades around the corner to take out another ogre. Pick up the double-barrelled shotgun. Walk over to the bridge and drop a couple more grenades on the zombies in the pit below. Jump into the pit and find the secret area behind the nails, you may need to shoot the wall if the explosions didn't activate it. Get the goodies and find the lift back to the caged area the ogre was in earlier. Walk over the switch on the floor to open the cage, and pick up the armour. Go back down the stairs, but cross the bridge. Take the lift down and enter the cavern to right, explode more zombies, and head towards the water.

Beware that many zombies lurk throughout this area. Grab the gold key from the raised area in the water, keep heading for the wall opposite and you should start sinking, swim down and you'll find a secret cave containing the ring of shadows. Blast through the zombies and return back through the cavern. Take the lift up. Cross the bridge. As you go up the stairs approach slowly as another ogre is waiting for you, it has been released from another annex to the room. Kill it and you'll probably need to pick up the health in the room it was in.

Enter the room opposite, pick up the nail gun and shot the red button on the wall. The ceiling above will start to drop. Head through the corridor to a large room. Enter the room and retreat back up to the entrance. From this vantage point shoot the scrags and the ogre you encounter.

Enter the gold key door and kill the scrag you meet. Go to the bottom of the stairs and hug the wall, a spike will fly past you. Drop through the hole in the walkway and keep heading left exploding all the zombies you meet. Take the ramp opposite, grab the health and ammo, and return back down the ramp, and then take the first exit to the left. An ogre is on a platform behind you. Keep strafing left and right to avoid it's grenades. When you've dealt with it, jump up the steps from the wall to access the pentagram on the wall. Push the button to release zombies from four rooms below. Kill them and grab the goodies.

Open the wooden doors and look up, two ogres are on the platform above, avoid there grenades and explode any zombies wandering around. Kill the ogres. Killing the first ogre opens up some bars to the right of the doors you just opened, killing the other allows you to then get the yellow armour. Shoot the wall behind the armour to open a portal that will take you to another secret.

If you want to get 100% kills, don't go through the portal yet. Proceed along the corridor and open the remaining door. Press the pentagram button. The room turns into a giant lift to a floor above. Two fiends will attack you. Keep firing as you retreat in a circle, after you have killed one fiend, the other is easier, as you can dodge it's attacks and shoot it in the back. Leave through the gate for the next level or return to the yellow armour portal. Go through, you'll appear on the first ogres platform. Jump to the other platform. Turn right and shoot the wall to reveal another portal to the secret level. Run along the corridor because the floor collapses and enter the secret level.

Map 7 - Ziggurat Vertigo

This level has a peculiar gravity, jump and you can 'fly'.

Start by heading towards the main building, grab the pentagram of protection. Step off the walkway into the lava, make sure you stay near the platform, turn around and swim through the gap into a secret area with some health and the quad damage. Step through the portal and now head back to where you started, and get in the lift. Kill the ogres you encounter. Get the rocket launcher in a room to the left, return to the corridor and blast the ogre at the end. Turn where you see the entrance with the crosses. Jump up on to the ledge above. Waste all the ogres and scrags, get the mega-health and press the quake symbol on the wall.

Return to the pyramid where you got the pentagram. Enter the pyramid and continue forward. You meet two orges oin the room beyond, one on the ledge above to your right. Kill them and hit the button on the ledge. Turn around and head for the new lift in the left hand corner of the main room.

Ride it up to the sliver-key door, then turn left, and battle more ogres. Make your way to the landing above the lift and grab the yellow armour. You now have to take on some ogres, scrags and a shambler on a central platform.

After defeating them, press the button the shambler was guarding. Turn around and go to the edge of the platform. Drop down to the nearest ledge, battle more ogres, get the silver key from the pedestal, and fight yet more ogres and scrags. Head to the silver-key door. Destroy the ogres, but don't got through the portal yet. Walk up the left and look for a block in a wall on the right hand side of the left passage. Shoot it for the second secret. Now you can exit.

Map 4 Gloom Keep

To get to this mission's first secret area, walk straight to the right, into the water, you should see a entrance in the wall oppisite the castle, almost exactly where you land. Swim thorugh it and get the 100 health bonus, and nails. Swim back out of the opening and head right to a flight of steps. You'll need to fight some knights off, so you may want to return to this secret later.

Enter the castle ahead, kill all the knights you meet. As you go down the corridor avoid the pools of light on the floor, as they trigger nail-traps. Kill all the knights at the inter-section and collect the rocket launcher. There is a ogre above you to kill, then head left and kill the ogre waiting in the hallway. Continue forward, beware of the falling spike, before entering the room pause and try to kill the knights, steping onto the floor activates another wall trap. When you are ready run to the room to the right.. Shoot the here, and continue around the walkway. Pass through the first bar, hit the floor button, and try to pass through the other bars, if you get knocked off you will have to fight some fiends, and dodge a nail trap to return to the start of the walkway. Once past the moving bars, kill the knights by the stairs. Continue up the stairs, and be prepared for the scrag and ogre at the top. Step on another floor button to release another knight. Kill it and grab the silver key. Drop down through the floor. You are back to the main intersection, and a ogre maybe waiting for you. Run, and enter the silver key door. Push the button, turn around and get on the lift. Drop back to the intersection and head up the right fork.

Kill the knights and ogres you meet, and grab the super nail gun. Jump against the torch above the nail gun, if you do it correctly, you'll open a secret the other side of the pillar containing the yellow armour. Continue up the stairs, where you'll get to meet yet more knights. Don't go through the portal, instead step around to the back of it, and enter.

Run along the ledge from the fiend and scrag, to the quad damage. Powered up, kill them and return through the portal, grab the gold key and take on the shambler. Exit the room, and kill the knights and ogres. There is a secret of some yellow armour on the landing which contained the upper ogre. To get it, you need to jump from one set of stairs to the other wall, walk down the wall and then jump to the secret. Now return to the gold door. Open it and drop down the shaft to the exit room. Before going through the exit, turn around and shoot at the wall directly behind you. This reveals the last secret, some green armour.

Map 5 The Door to Chthon

Look over the ledge, and kill the ogre below, then drop down and step on the floor switch. This opens a door down the hall to your left. Enter the hallway and shoot two more ogres. Go through the doorway ahead, and turn right, you will see a button you to press and a rocket launcher. Pressing the button opens a door down the hall. Go through this to get the yellow armour. Press the button you find there to open a pit behind you. It also reveals a pair of angry ogres on the ledge to the right. Kill them, as they guard a 100 health bonus you can get later. Drop into the nearby hole. Kill the two ogres past the lava that guard the silver key, and descend the stairs. Make a right and run for the 100 health bonus at the end of the hallway. You need to kill the ogre that's released for a lift to relative safety to be unbarred. Get on the lift and get the silver key. Jump back over the lava to the sunken stairs. Wait for the door with the spikes to pass, turn left and go through the portal to the next secret. Kill the scrags and grab the nails. Look down and find the 100 health bonus from earlier. You should be able to get to the ledge with a jump. Retrace your steps back to the floor button at the beginning of the level. Turn right, go through the darkened doorway, in the shadows is a pit with a contorted beam stretching over it, if you fall off, nail traps will get you. An easy way across is run over the first straight part of the beam then jump. You should land safely on the other side, where you'll run into several ogres. Continue on and kill the ogre and zombies. Hit the button on the far wall beyond the pillar. Three new zombies that drop from the ceiling, kill them, and head over the bridge that rises out of the lava. Enter the silver door and step on the floor button. That extends a platform to the golden key, and a portal. Stand before the pillar with the portal to your left and shoot the red symbol. Now turn left and run for where the stairs to the portal were. Enter to find another secret, wait for the stairs to rebuild and enter the next portal for another secret area. Grab the 100 health bonus and drop down, enter the portal up the stairs.

You are now on the ledge were you started. Drop down and kill the ogre hiding by the lift. Walk over the plank and grab the gold key, turn and be prepared for fiend that will attack you when you reach the alcove. It should drop into the lava. Run straight off the plank into the far room. Look at the concealed door at the far right side of the room. Approach it, stand with it to your right side, look up and shoot the red Quake switch up on the wall, The door opens, get on the lift. Once you're up at the top, go forward a little and spot a ledge just below to the left. Drop to the ledge and grab the quad damage. Drop off to the floor and head back to the main room, open the gold-key door. Kill the two ogres and press the button on the left wall. This opens another door at the other end of this hall. Rush through the door and step on the floor button, kill the shambler while you still have the quad power.

Map 6 House of Chthon

Walk forward and pick up the rune. Don't bother attacking the Chthon, you can't hurt it Instead, run down either passageway and grab the 100 health bonus at the end, take the lift up. Now run in a circle around the upper platform pressing on all three floor buttons. This will give the Chthon an electric shock if you can perform it quick enough. Do this three times, it dead. A new platform will apear over the lava, drop onto it, and exit this episode.

Episode 2: Realm of Black Magic

For Map 8: The Ogre Citadel.

For Map 9: The Crypt of Decay, and how to reach the secret level.

For Secret Mission: Map 12: The Underearth.

For the solution to Map 10: The Wizard's Manse.

For Map 11: The Dismal Oubliette.

Map 8 The Ogre Citadel

After gathering all the goodies you could in the last episode you are reduced to no armour, an axe and the shotgun. Quickly get the amour and nail gun. Shoot the left red switche to open the door across the gorge. Kill the fiend that leaps across, then shot the ogre across the gap. Look down to the left and locate an entrance below. There is another fiend below, shot it from the saftey of the ledge, then drop down and run into it avoiding a zombie. Use the lift to find a secret containing the 100 health bonus.

Wade through the water, then go through a doorway.Get onto the lift, and ride to where you killed the ogre earlier. Go through a hall with a nail trap and get the double-barreled shotgun. Kill the knights and the ogre on the ledge.

Go to the right and work your way through the spiral staircases, taking care of several ogres and knights. Follow the ledge to some steps. Get the nail gun and the quad damage. Run on killing everything that moves. Jump the ledge and press the button on the wall, you'll be pushed into a room with a shambler, nail it while you still have quad. Grab the gold key, and shot the red button on the wall behind you, and keep killing while you still have quad damage. Look out of the window to the left, kill the ogre in the next building, the knights and another ogre hanging out on the ledge. Jump into the water and turn right, go up the stairs, and find another secret area and a grenade launcher. Swing back to the window and drop out carefully on to a ledge. Get the yellow armour. Carefully hop from the window and land on the ledge. Grab the yellow armour and walk to another secret area containing the 100 health bonus. Go through the portal and open the gold key door. If you haven't killed him already from a window, kill the fiend you find on the platform. Go over to the other entrance and kill the knight and ogre. Make your way to a stone path, kill the zombies and ogre. You can exit the level now, if you want 100% kills you'll need to kill the zombies in the moat where you started, and a fiend in the water below.

Map 9 The Crypt of Decay

Grab the nail gun and ride the lift up. Nail the ogre and death knight. Grab the armour, and turn left at the intersection. Pass through the entrance, and kill the death knight hiding around the corner. Turn back and jump into the water. Swim through the opening in the wall. Go through another passage, turn right and climb stairs to credit for the secret area containing the red armour. Jump through the portal. Return to the intersection, but take the right entrance. Kill another death knight, then move a hall and kill an ogre. Hit a switch at the end of the hall to extend a walkway on the left. Follow the walkway all the way over and pres the wall button, return to the button pressed previously. You'll see a new door to the right of the button you pressed earlier. Inside you'll find yellow armour and zombies. Return to the left passageway off the intersection. Kill the ogres and go over the bridge. Deal with another death knight, continue through the door straight ahead and hit the button. Walk across the new walkway and go into the new room on the left. Edge towards to gate trap until it slams closed, then run through as it reopens.. Get the gold key, and retreat, killing the death knights that have been revealed. The room to the right contains a secret 100 health bonus behind a wall. Get it, then jump into the water for some yellow armour. Remember this place, you'll be back here later for the exit to the secret level. Jump back out and carefully go through the wall trap again. Turn right at the central tower on to the slightly raised walkway and go to the area with the bridge. Explode the zombies on the platform in the corner, and a secret door will open to your right. Go through this opening and follow the hall until you reach the platform. Grab the rockets and go back down the hall. Open the gold-key door, a shambler, will pounce, kill it and grab the super nail gun. Now kill the death knight, Over a ledge is a death knight and ogre. Either blast them from a distance, or let them fight it out, and fight the winner. Head up the steps until you come to a lift. Take the lift up to a hallway full of nail traps. Try to dodge the traps, press a embedded in the left wall after the corner. Continue on and kill the two death knights. There's an ogre on a ledge behind you and two ogres ahead. Kill them all and jump onto the ledge where the ogre was. Get the rockets, jump back, then over to the ledge on the other side of the walkway for the quad damage. While you're on the quad damage ledge, carefully follow the very narrow ledge in the outer wall. Go through an entrance to the left and follow the passage down; then jump into the water. Drop down in to the quot;well of wishesquot;, and find the penagram of protection and a bio-suit. A door will open, which will take you to the area where you found the armour earlier, that I asked you to remember. Find your way back up the nail trap walkway, but continue forward into new territory. Once you've reached the other side, the exit is just in the room on the right. Run for it if you wish, but if you want the secret exit, then kill the death Knight, if it hasn't already been dealt with, and the shambler. Enter the room to the left hand side, shoot the red switch on the ceiling. Jump onto the box to get to the secret door. Grab the 100 health bonus, and press the button on the wall. An underwater barrier has lowered. Now return once more to the area I asked you to remember, the grating has gone, swim thorough and up, then exit through the portal to the Secret Mission: The Underearth.

Map 12 The Underearth - Secret Mission

Cross the bridge and engage the three ogres you meet in combat. Continue up the stairs and you'll arrive at a large room, guarded by scrags and death knights. Kill them then attempt to open the doors at the opposite end, you'll be told to go for a swim. Return to the bridge and drop into the water to the left as you walk away from the building. Look for a hole in the wall and swim through to another room. Deal with the ogres you meet, and then a fiend will also attack. When the room is clear, shoot the two faces that are each side of the first doorway, as shooting them throughout the level will allow you access to a secret room later. Look at the quad damage, there is a brick to the right of it, if you press it, you can get the quad and a secret. You may like to leave it here, until a little later. Go through the far door and drop some grenades down the stairs on the zombies. Continue to a large area with several zombies and an ogre up on a ledge to the left. Duck in and out of the doorway avoiding the ogres grenades and dispatch the zombies. Kill the ogre on the ledge, then step on the ground switch which starts a huge spike crushing down, killing the fiend, and opens the cage. Enter it, avoiding the spike, and collect some armour.

Get the quad damage if you haven't already used it. Run back down the tunnel, and beyond, and be prepaired for ogres, scrags, death knights and fiends. Follow the walkway around and grab the 100 health bonus. Two fiends will be released, kill them and shot at the face on the wall. Run toward the passage on the left, and kill another fiend, The next room contains nail traps in the wall, an ogre dropping shells from above and death knights. The nail traps are activated by stepping on the blue area on the floor. Get in the lift, and kill the ogre on the platform opposite. Follow the corridor and grab the gold key and enter the gold-key door ahead. Kill the scrags and the ogre, then make your way to where he was just standing. Look for a button on the wall in the slime, and a gap. Jump into the slime, and head through into another room, grab the bio-suit and the box of nails, if you're feeling lucky, head diagonally to the left corner near the other button and wade around until you begin to sink. Swim down and grab the Red armour. Immediately head back to the other button, press it and jump up the stairs. Press the other switch and then go through the doorway it opens, Kill the ogre and shoot another face in the wall. You'll soon encounter some more scrags. Turn left into some more ogres, death knights and scrags. Shoot yet another face and go over the bridge. You may encounter more death knights, if they didn't come out earlier, don't tackle them in the room ahead as it's rigged with nail traps in the walls. When they are dealt with. You need to hit all the buttons in the room. Now go through the room ahead. Kill the ogre and shoot both of the faces on walls. Run through the hall and kill the fiend. A death knight waits to the immediate left, and another down to the right. If you shot all the gargoyle heads up until now, you can shoot the back wall of this second nook to reveal a room with a quad damage rune. Proceed down the hall and press the wall button at the end of the room to several zombies, and two more buttons. Hit all the buttons and proceed tp the stairs and through the now unbarred door to the next level.

Map 10 The Wizard's Manse

Head up the steps and dispatch the two ogres ahead, then run up and grab the rocket launcher they were guarding. Kill the other ogre on the platform above. Jump into the water and find the lift at the side of the platform. Ride it up, and grab the shells, in the secret area. Continue on the walkway and kill the fiend you meet.

When you get to the intersection, turn right to nab a scrag. Continue until you reach the water. Kill the ogres opposite with rockets, and try to get the ogres on the platform above and to the right. Return to the intersection and choose the left path, continue towards the wall button, pressing it causes a platform to be raised on the opposite side. Work your way back to the new platform and into the next room. Retreat once the ogres see you, and kill them with relative ease as they come down the stairs. Once the ogre attack is over, enter the room and kill the fiend lurking in a right hand corner. Press the wall button, and get the red armour that is revealed along with another fiend to the right. A passage opens on the far side, go through it and nail the ogre that's waiting for you. Enter the next room and blast all the ogres there, be especially aware of the pair on a ledge high to your right. Continue around the walkway, and turn left into another hall, look into a pit below, and kill the two fiends down there. Jump down and grab the bio-siut, jump into the slime and get a box of 100 health bonus. Now get the thunderbolt and kill the scrag and ogre. Shoot the two red switches on either side of the slime pool. A Small platform will pass in front of you, jump on it, if you miss and fall in, there is a entrance in the pool to some health and a another scrag, but your bio-suit will probably already be expired. Ride the platform over to the ledge, then hop up the steps that pop out of the wall. Cross the bridge and kill the fiend and scrag waiting on the other side. Follow the corridor to the stained glass window room. Kill the scrags and continue onwards. Go up the steps and nail the fiend waiting around the corner to the left. Cross another wooden bridge, enter the cage, and press the button. You'll take an underwater journey to an ogre, kill it other scrags and an ogre on the narby ledge.

Ride the lift up, and walk into the waterway. Get the quad damage, rockets and nails. Swim up and kill two more ogres. Get the gold key at the end of the ledge above. Run back down the platform, turn around when you reach the end of the platform that had the gold key on it, Shoot at the wall to the left as you face where the gold key was, to open up another secret area. Enter and grab the red armour, then drop down and grab the quad damage rune. Jump into the water and go right, back to the base of the wide staircase. Jump out of the water towards the gold-key door, open it and kill three fiends and scrags. Now exit to the next level.

Map 1 The Dismal Oubliette

Kill the ogre the other side of the wall. Hit the red stone and continue forward. Jump in the water if you need yellow armour and cells. Take a lift back up to the bridge, kill the death knight and turn right at the intersection. Once in the hall, turn right. Then turn left to blast another death knight guarding a switch, this switch lowers a temporary staircase to another button. Go down the other side of the hallway, grenade the vore hiding around the corner. Now explode the ogre on the ledge. Return to the first button, press it, and run back to the staircase to the second, press that button and kill the new ogre that appears in the doorway below from the relative safety of this ledge. Now enter the room beyond and snipe the two ogres on the ledge above. Drop into the water and explode the zombies. Swim up to the entrance take out more zombies. Go left kill yet another zombies. Enter the room and look up to the doorway, kill anything that peaks over at you. Jump up on to the bars and continue making your way up and around. Go through the doorway above and kill any remaining death knights. Press the button on the wall, and snipe the ogres across through the bars. Drop back down and take the the right hand fork. Kill more zombies. Make your way to the top of the building, then drop down onto the little balcony. Hit the post and get the message that the center bridge has changed. Jump through the new opening and enter the water, kill the zombies and collect the quad damage from the secret area in the corner. Get out of the water, ride the lift up again, and head through the arched passageway ahead. Kill the death knight, ogre and zombies, then jump out the window and head back to the bridge at the begining. Cross the bridge and enter another hallway with some yellow armour and a death knight to the right. Now deal with the ogre on the lift to the left. Get onto the lift, and be prepared for the ogre and death knight at the bottom on the right. Enter the next room, kill another death knight, and hit the button on the wall. Get back on the lift and be perpared for another ogre and death knight. After you have dispatched them shoot the ogres behind the bars. Shoot the wall to the right and drop into the other secret area. Gran the 100 health bonus and pentagram of protection. Ride the lift back up, armed with explosives run up the steps and kill more death knights. Hit the button to free the ogres and some zombies. Follow the passage around to the left to room containing a vore. Kill it and hit the button. Return to the central lift. Kill the ogre at the top, grab the thunderbolt and continue up the stairs, deal with the death knights. There is a vore guarding the gold key in a room off to the right, kill it and grab the key.

Make your way back to the gold key wall. Shoot the ogre and hit the post to change the bridge again. Return to the bridge, Cros over and kill the zombie, a vore will appear, kill it and the floor begins to sink. An ogre appears, and then nail traps, then zombies. Finally, the floor stops sinking and a one of the walls moves, revealing another two vores.

Once it's open, strafe in and out of the doorway, and take care of the two vores inside. Now, run up, grab the rune key from the pedestal, and exit this godforsaken place!

Episode 3 Netherworld

For Map 13: Termination Central.

For the solution to Map 14: The Vaults of Zin.

For Map 15: The Tomb of Terror.

For Map 16: Satan's Dark Delight and how to reach the secret level.

For the Secret Mission: Map 18, The Haunted Halls.

For Map 17: Chambers of Torment.

Map 13 Termination Central

Grab the double-barrelled shotgun, step onto the lift, and hit the red switch. Shoot the two grunts before finishing the descent, then run forward to blast the enforcer, you can easily avoid it's shots if you remain at a distance. Get the armour, and enter the passageway. Shoot the grunt that appears to the left, then pause at the intersection. Enter the right hallway and kill enforcer at the bottom. Continue and shoot the grunt guarding the switch at the end, press it and return to the intersection, choose the left route. Shoot the grunt. Shoot into the shadows under the walkway on the right hand wall, it should open to reveal a secret of the red armour. Grab the nearby nailgun, kill a few more grunts and press the other button. A wall has been lowered by the first button. Shoot the explosive posts to kill off most of the grunts waiting there. Make your way up the slope, obviously killing all the grunts and enforcers you encounter.

You find your self in a large hall with a central platform over a slime pool. A platform extends, shoot all the enemy and walk down the stairs on the left, and hop over onto a platform for a secret area. Take the lift back up, jump off and get the quad damage, and waste the enforcers that have appeared. The third secret area required you to stand on the central platform, in front of the button, jump into the slime, and swim for a entrance in the wall opposite. Keep swimming ahead and you'll enter the third secret area, now go through the portal and pick up the blue armour, kill a nearby grunt, then drop down to a ledge below, and walk around to the 100 health bonus. Return along the ledge to another portal. Follow the ledge right to the portal back to the beginning of the level. Make you way through the complex, and on through to the passageway past the central platform, kill the emenies you encounter, and make your way to the lift at the end. Turn left and shoot the grunt guarding the gold key card. Grab the card kill the other grunts. Run back over to the lift and shoot the grunts and enforcers on the other side. Enter the crate structure through a passage on the other side. Jump onto the low brown crate, and make your way up to the highest row of crates. Turn left and shoot the wall to open a secret door. Continue through the secret passage and get the 100 health bonus. Jump out the window on to the platform below to the left, another secret area containing a quad damage is under the platform. Get it and run past the crates into the corridor beyond, open the door and kill everything. Keep on going and you find the portal to the exit.

Map 14 The Vaults of Zin

Run past the doors that lower revealing zombies, head for the silver key ahead, it will drop trough the floor, turn left, then right, and jump across the gap for a grenade launcher. Drop a grenade on the zombie below, then jump down for the 100 health bonus in the secret area. Get the lift back up, and return to the zombies, kill them and press the button in their room.

Enter the new hallway to the right, get the nail gun and go to the lift on the other side of the room. Ride it up and kill the scrag at the top. Follow the ledge around and get the yellow armour and the other scrag. Press the button, then drop through the hole that is revealed. Quickly deal with the ogres and then head down the path over the lava, blasting a zombie and two more ogres. An ogre is behind you on a platform, deal with it, look down at the wall in the pit below. One of the walls has a raised profile. Shoot the wall above that, near the lift, at the wall should open, jump in to claim the ring of shadows in the secret area. Go through the portal. Now head up the steps and the room descends, kill an ogre to the left, press the button, and kill another behind you, Enter the passage to your left, battle another ogre and press the button. Go through the portal back to the main room. Two fiends are in the room below, try to kill them from the safety of the ledge. Then jump down and press the button, zombies appear behind you, kill them, then look at the wall opposite the button, there is a discoloured area on the wall. Hit it, then go through the portal to another secret area. Jump across to the other platform to grab a few goodies. Now return to the pit and proceed through the open door. Enter the room beyond, and deal with an ogre, grab the silver key and go through portal. Enter the silver key door, and gold key door. Kill the ogre guarding it, then press the button in the middle of the columns. Kill the zombies and scrag, lob grenades through the holes above the shambler pit to kill it, then step on the floor switch. Get the double-barrelled shotgun. Press the button, get the gold key and go through the portal. Go to the gold key door and walk through the rune gate to exit the level.

Map 15 The Tomb of Terror

Kill the ogre ahead of you and then press the button on the wall, get the death knight and go through the doorway. Kill another death knight and step on the button and quickly head up the staircase that temporally forms. At the top of the stairs, look up and to the right to see a red Quake button, shoot it, and jump into the portal that forms below. This takes you to the first secret area and some red armour. Drop back down, get the super nail gun. Explode the zombie, get the box of grenades ahead, then enter the room on the right, making sure you take care of the zombies in the alcove. Deal with the two death knights in the room ahead, then jump into the water and swim down for another secret area containing a box if 100 health bonus. Get out of the water and continue to a lift. Grenade the three zombies, and avid the nail traps. Kill an ogre around the corner, and then snag the scrag ahead. Step on the button, and head over the bridge. Step on the next button and nail the death knight that appears behind you. Go over to either of the buttons under the moving spike traps. More scrags attack when you step on the other buttons. When all done, head for the portal, zombies will appear either side of you, kill them and step through the portal back where you started. Go up the stairs, get the 100 health bonus, and turn around to deal with the death knight and ogre. Continue over a temporary walkway with nail traps. Kill the death knight grab the silver key, and exit through the portal. You're teleport back to the start again, open the silver key door and kill the fiend that pounces. Enter and kill the scrag you meet, and shoot the death knight on a ledge above. Go down the stairs, and kill an ogre at the bottom. Walk around and press the wall button, kill the death knight then kill the three ogres along the passageway and press another wall button. Go back up the stairs and kill the scrag and ogre. Enter a room, grab the armour and exit through the slipgate,

Map 16 Satan's Dark Delight

Kill the ogres in front of you, then lob grenades at the ogres on the walkway above. Head down the ramp and dive into the small pool. Swim up to the other side and axe the rotfish. Swim to the surface and nail a couple of scrags, you can also explode a few zombies now or save them #145;till later. Swim around the building and go through an underwater entrance, jump onto the ledge and to the narrow hallway. Kill the ogre you find, then kill the other across the water before pressing the button that forms a bridge. Cross the bridge into the building and grab the mighty rocket launcher and some much needed health. Continue forward and kill any remaining zombies. Pick up the yellow armour from the right hand ledge. Kill an ogre around the corner and roll some grenades on to the one below. Back against the button and be prepared for two more ogres that drop from above. Go up the new ramp If you look at the wall you can see a hidden staircase, shoot the yellow light behind you and go up the stairs that form into the secret area. Continue up the new hall onto the bridge, go across and press the button, A lift underneath you is activated. Back up to the nail gun as an ogre appears behind you when you pick it up. Then snipe the two ogres you can see below, then drop down to the platform. From here fire rockets at the ogre on the far ledge. Step onto the moving platform. Explode an ogre to your left, then take out an ogre to the right on the platform. Gather any goodies you need, and get back on the moving platform. Shoot the red button ahead to crush another ogre and shoot the ogre on the right. Drop down on to the ledge and the walls will lower for a secret area containing, cells, quad dmage, yellow armour and megahalth. Shoot the four lights you can see to open another area containing a pentagram of protection. Get back on the moving platform and enter the red area where you crused the ogre earlier. Go through onto a platform, now turn and shoot the switch on the floor, go to another platform and ride to a ledge with an ogre and a zombie. Press the wall button and be prepared for a fiend and an ogre. With luck they'll start to attack each other, and you'll only have to kill the victor. Shoot the red light, grab the pentagram from another secret area. Run into the far tunnel, kill the ogre and head down the ramp when a shambler appears. Destroy it while you have the protection, and get the thunderbolt at the bottom of the platform. You can exit ahead or go underneath the ramp, to a tunnel in the lava. That takes you to a slipgate another secret level, The Haunted Halls.

Map 18 The Haunted Halls Secret Mission

Kill the ogre and zombies ahead, ride a lift up, go to open the door you find. A fiend will charge out, kill it, and continue into a room with zombies, scrags and ogres. Deal with them, then press the button on the wall. Go into the next room and exit through the portal. Turn left, drop some grenades into the central pit, then walk into the room, the central will raise with a hopefully dead fiend on it, several ogres will now appear above. Ride the lift up and head right, press the switch in the next room. Kill the zombies that appear behind you, then deal with some scrags. Duck in and out of the room across the walkway to draw ogres out, so you don't have to battle several at once. Run into the room and grab the yellow armour. Run around and get on the lift, jump off and run under the platform for a secret area containing 100 health bonus. Teleport back out and shoot the grating opposite to reveal another secret area containing the quad damage. Kill the remaining ogres and get the lift up, grab all the goodies and press the button on the wall. Run into the next room and shot the symbol on the wall. Kill the ogres and drop a grenade on the vore through the trapdoor. Jump in, walk over the floor switch, the shoot the red switch to teleport out. Go straight ahead and kill the death knight on the stairs. Another waits by the stairs. An ogre drops down from a ledge above in the hallway with nail traps, kill it and run down the hall. Kill another ogre in the next room and use the rocket launcher on the vore in the distance. Press the button and look directly up at the red switch on the ceiling. Shoot it, and you can access another secret area containing yellow armour, quad damage, and a box of 100 health bonus. Head to the left and kill the death knight and ogre. Go to the middle of the walkway and fire a few rockets at the ogre in the cage below. Jump across on top of the cage for another secret area containing a pentagram of protection. Kill a final ogre and exit the level.

Map 17 Chambers of Torment

Deal with the death knight ahead and continue up the stairs and kill the ogre. Pick up the ring of shadows and return to the start. Jump on to an island with the red armour, kill the scrags and jump onto the islands to the far corner where you get a lift. Kill the waiting death knight and ogre. Snipe the vore on the bridge from the window. Continue to the stairs and kill an ogre. Make your way back to the main hallway, kill an ogre and a couple of scrags around the corner, them another ogre. A fiend pounces from at you from a room ahead, after you kill it, pick up the green armour, and let the vore around the corner have it with your rocket launcher. After it's dead, throw a couple of grenades at an ogre into the alcove on the left side, past the faces on the wall. Snipe the ogre behind the bars ahead. Tackle a death knight to the right, then deal with another vore. Once it's gone, continue forward, grab the nails and back into the silver key. Once you get it, a pair of ogres drop down, kill them then look up at the ceiling. Shoot the symbol, and enter a secret area though the panel that lowers. Get the armour and continue through, step on the floor panel to open and exit then get the quad damage. Go through the silver key door which is ahead to the left. Kill the two death knights, and shoot rockets at the fiend and the ogre in the next room, finally deal with the scrags. Go through the left and deal with two more death knights. Step on to the lift, turn around and deal with another death knight ahead, and another around the corner. Return to the lift shaft and shoot the red symbol directly above, walk carefully over the lip and kill the ogres below from this vantage point. Collect the goodies and return in the lift, at the corner you'll encounter a couple of scrags. Kill them then drop down and run over the button on the floor, get the armour, and leave the room as quickly as possible so the nail traps don't damage you too much. Two vores are on a walkway in the room beyond, snipe them from the doorway, then cross walkway into a corridor with a death knight and a pair of scrags. Run over the buttons and two ogres will come out of a room behind you. When your able kill the ogre, scrag, and death knight, then use the moving platforms to other side. A vore waits at the end of the hall, along a corridor to the left, deal with it and then grab the gold key. A fiend waits in the corridor where you killed the vore, if you don't want to tackle it drop down off the ledge, otherwise, after you've killed it, press the button and head back and open the gold key door. Kill a series of scrags in the corridor, ride the lift up. Two vores will appear in the room below. Snipe them from the doorway, then go forward toward the rune. Two fiends will appear as you walk to the rune. After dealing with them you can exit to the next episode.

Episode 4 The Elder World

Map 19: The Tower of Despair.

Map 20: The Elder God Shrine.

Secret Mission: The Nameless City (Map 24).

Map 23 Azure Agony

If you have a thunderbolt, get it primed and grab the health bonus. A shambler will drop from the ceiling, shoot it in the back the drop into the pool with a grenade launcher and explode the zombies. Get the goodies and yellow armour and note a passage her to the silver key door. The button on the bottom of the pool opens a gate that will lead to some fiends, death knights and eventually the silver key door, Leave them for now, get out of the pool and head for the rockets on a ledge above, the floor will open, drop down and kill a fiend to the right and a death knight to the left. Press both the buttons on the walls and head for the new staircase. As you walk toward the lift, the walls either side will lower and a death knight will appear, Kill him and grab the quad damage.

Take the lift grab the ring of shadows from the right, then run go through the doors to the left of the lift. If you had time to look, you'd see a skull motif on the stairs indicating a nail trap, jump the stairs to avoid it, kill a fiend to the left, head down the stairs and deal with another to the left, attack yet another fiend around the right corner with a biosuit. Grab the suit then turn around and head for the red armour, turn left and get the quad damage in the corner by walking along the right wall. You'll fail into the slime, don't take the portal ahead, instead walk around the corner and take the other portal to the room with the red armour. Press the button on the wall, a wall behind you will drop revealing cells and rockets and a death knight will attack. Grab the armour and jump off the platform, head left and kill the fiend around the corner. In the following areas it is very easy to get the attention of other enemy such as vores and fiends as you retreat or attack another and also get lost. Shoot the red button under the stairs and a staircase will form. If you have trouble finding it, stand with your back to the red armour platform, turn left, continue up the stairs, go straight ahead, ignore the ring of shadows on the right, go down the stairs ahead, and turn right. Return to where you picked up the biosuit in the red hall earlier, this time go up the stairs to the left. Kill the fiend, you may have to deal with a vore if it didn't attack you earlier, and a shambler near the stair case you just raised. Jump up the stiars to the secret area with a ring of shadows, health, rockets and cells. Shoot the patches of light on both walls to reveal another two secret areas containing rockets. Get the ring of shadows and shoot the wall on the right in the corner beyond it. This secret area contains a vore and the quad damage. Deal with the vore and jump down off the platform to the left, run up the stairs ahead and deal with any enemy you encounter. Go up the stairs above the pool, shoot the yellow ceiling light and jump into the pool. Explode a few zombies and press the switch under the steps. Turn around ignore the quad damage next to the portal, just exit through it, make your way back to the area with the biosuit.

A wall has lowered, kill the fiend and head up the new stairs, a vore waits in what counts as a secret area, kill it and collect your prizes. Return to the pool, jump into the water and collect the quad, go through the portal, then jump over to the other side, kill a vore around the corner. Two vores wait in the area ahead, one straight ahead, and another to the right. Kill them then shoot the yellow lights on the ceiling, kill the vore that drops in. A shambler is above the pentagram of protection, grab the silver key in the middle of the area and kill the shambler .that teleports in behind you. Jump in the water and kill the zombies, head over to the other vores hiding place and grab the rockets from another secret area. Shoot the central yellow light area under water and head back to the area under the pentagram, shoot the wall to reveal another secret area, step through the portal and grab the health bonus, walking about here, or sometimes jumping down from the ledge gives you credit for the final secret area.

Head back to the room with the yellow ramps and get the quad damage, if you didn't pick up the pentagram earlier collect it and head for the passageway opposite the quad damage. Kill the three fiends around the corner, run down the corridor and enter the silver key door, kill the two vores and the death knight, the platforms contain either a quad damage or health bonus which you can get by jumping from the central lift. After the enemy is dead get the last rune and enter the next room, use the smaller exit to return to the other room and collect anything you've missed, use the large portal to exit to the next level.