Sensible World Of Soccer 96 / 97

Buy a player for free

Select the player you want and the player at the bottom of the subs area. Then offer no money and your most valuable player, you will get the player you selected and keep the player you offered. The player you offer’s value must be grater than the sum of the prices of the other two players.

Always score

Take a shot at the goal from within range, and before another player touches the ball, press the replay button and then press and hold the fire button. When the replay finishes the ball will continue to move towards the goal, but all the players will be frozen. Consequently, the ball should trickle into the net and result in a goal.

Changing Opponent Tactics

At half time, don’t press the kick button and wait until the MATCH STATS of the first half appear.
Don’t press S.
If you were attacking up in the first half, press Page Up, if you attacked down the screen, press Page Down. Now press the kick button, the opponents bench will appear. You are now free to change the positions and players of the other side as you want.


Don’t start as a manager or player manager of a big club, if you do you will probably run into financial trouble after a few seasons.
To be a great manager you will need to learn the tactics section properly, so please make sure you carefully read the section in the manual for team tactics. Generally when you buy a player, do make sure you check the yellow 3 letter code behind each player that indicates his true skills. Try to buy fast players with a S for speed as the first letter.
If you send a pre-formatted PC floppy disc and a stamped self addressed envelope to the following address we will post our "Wicked 2" team tactics to you.

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