There are now several versions of Z, the original DOS PC release, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Apple Mac, and now the Windows 95 replay edition including the Expansion pack. This guide is based on the original DOS version but will still be useful to all users of any versions. Some of this guide is also availible from the Bitmap Brothers web site.

For a guide to the general strategy.
For the more advanced techniques, common mistakes and the control system.
For combat techniques.
For a brief guide to unit strengths and weaknesses.
For the experts guide to using the troops.
For hints on using the vehicles.
For help using artillery and buildings.
For the Sega Saturn level codes.
For a strategy guide to the levels.

Basic Strategy

In Z the computer player does not play a pre-set strategy but reacts in real-time to the decisions that the player makes. Therefore it is not possible to define a sequence of orders for each level which will guarantee winning a battle. However there is a basic strategy that should be employed which will establish a good foothold from which the player can win a level.

All the one player levels are designed so that the two halves of the battlefield mirror each other. This means that both the computer and the player each have the same resources available to them in their half of the map. It therefore follows that as long as you have control of your half of the map you will be level with the computer. Managing to capture one more territory will give the player a slight advantage both in resources and the time taken to manufacture units in the buildings owned. Understanding this basic principle is fundamental to developing a winning strategy in any of the battlefields.

At the start of the game there are some basic moves that you should make. Give orders for your units to capture the territories in your half of the map, and any uncaptured hardware contained within it. Whilst your units are carrying out these orders, use the time to set up any captured buildings to make the required units. Once these territories have been captured, you should locate the connecting roads between your territories and the computer’s. Units must be moved up to this front-line to defend against the computer trying to enter territories which you control. As units are manufactured you should bring them up to support this defence. Always scan the map to see what the computer is doing to react to any planned attacks. Find territories which the computer has either left undefended or which have little defence. Attack these territories only when you have units which exceed the power of the computer’s defending units. Do not believe the battle is over if you manage to gain the territory advantage over the computer. He will fight hard to regain control of any lost territories. Of course this is also true for the human player. Losing one or even two of your territories to the computer does not mean the end of the battle. Playing hard and recognising those territories which are easily re-captured will get you back into the game.

In short:

1. Capture your half of the available territories as quickly as possible so that your manufacturing speed matches the Computer.

2. Note the position of uncaptured hardware and send appropriate units to those territories (e.g. Do not send a light tank to capture a flag that has an uncaptured medium tank sitting by it).

3. When you capture territories containing factories, remember to specify what you want to build. It is often better to build cheaper units initially and then to change to building more powerful units once you have established yourself.

4. Watch what the CPU does with his resources and move your forces to provide an adequate line of defence.

5. Do not move into contested/enemy territories (even if they are uncaptured) too early. This will leave other territories weak or undefended. Always have some backup available and consider placing units in positions where they can move quickly to reinforce several areas of the map.

6. As units are manufactured give the new units appropriate orders quickly. Do not leave them hanging around without orders.

BASIC STRATEGY - Advanced techniques

1. If you are about to lose a territory containing a factory which is about to produce a new unit, change the unit being manufactured to the weakest possible. In this way, the CPU will not benefit from the time you spent manufacturing.

2. Even if you cannot take and hold a territory, try capturing the flag just before a factory completes its manufacturing.

3. Remember that robots run towards flags and uncaptured hardware. This can be an advantage but a robot running to take a flag will not return fire whilst he is doing it.

4. Us e a series of small movement orders to manoeuvre vehicles with precision.


1. Rushing across the map to capture territories: Capturing territories in the computers half of the battlefield at the beginning of the game may give the player the initial advantage, but this is unlikely to be a winning strategy as the players units will be spread to thinly over the battlefield.

2. Sending units into attack without considering the units they are attacking: Players must learn the strengths and weaknesses of all units and use them to their advantage. It is pointless sending a unit to attack if it has no chance of winning.

3. Grouping units together: Sending more units than you need to complete an objective is wasting your resources and is more than likely to leave territories undefended.


1. Initially a good way of giving orders is to select a unit and then use the mini-map to move quickly to the location that you want to send the unit to.

2. As you become more proficient with the system learn to use right hand mouse button scroll. Being able to use this well will enhance your ability to move quickly around the map and react to conflicts which break out.


1. Sending an additional unit into a combat will enhance your chances of winning. E.g. sending even just a unit of Grunts in with a medium tank to attack an opposition medium tank will draw his fire or even confuse your opponent and will increase you chance of victory considerably.

2. When you use multiple units as described above, avoid letting them get too close together. Use quick mouse work to perform pincer movements or set up a ring of units to surround the enemy.

3. Remember that different units move at different speeds. Do not assume that grouped units will arrive at their destination at the same time. If they are moved carefully and do arrive simultaneously, they will be much more effective than if they arrive one after another.

4. Static lines of defence can be very effective. For example, you can defend a road by placing units either side of it. The aim being to catch enemy units in the crossfire as they move down the road.

5. Vehicles move more quickly on roads than any other terrain. This can be used to your advantage during combat. A vehicle on a road will be able to manoeuvre quickly to avoid enemy fire.

6. By using multiple robot units (especially Snipers) sent in simultaneously from different directions against vehicles you can greatly increase your chances of shooting the driver.

COMBAT - Advanced techniques

1. When you target an opponent with a tank/gun etc. the turret is locked in place. Make sure your turret is pointing in the correct direction when you give the order to attack. In this way you stand a better chance of shooting first when the combat begins.

2. By combining the above technique with a rapid retreat, light and medium tanks can be very effective against Light Guns.

3. Artillery units can often be placed in a position where they can bombard the enemy fort without being in range of the defending guns.

4. Tanks and Guns can fire over buildings to take out robots with rifles or machine guns.

5. Units can be ambushed as they emerge from Factories. Target the entrance a second or two before the unit emerges.

6. Units which are given an order to go somewhere when under attack accelerate but do not return fire. You can use this to your advantage to avoid shots, particularly from units with a slow fire rate.

7. Destroying a bridge whilst units are going across it will take out both the bridge and the units on it. Pre-damage bridges so that units crossing them can be taken out with a single shot.


Grunts are good at Distracting enemy fire, but are vulnerable to everything

Psychos are useful for Sniping Jeep drivers, but are vulnerable to tanks

Toughs can be used for Attacking Snipers and are good in APCs, but are vulnerable to Jeeps

Snipers are god for Sniping Gatling, Guns & Vehicle drivers, Capturing vehicles due to high intelligence, but are vulnerable to Toughs

Pyros are useful for Attacking Slow vehicles, buildings & bridges, and are good in APCs. They are vulnerable to Jeeps & Light Tanks

Lasers are good at Sniping Gatling, Guns & Vehicle drivers (especially if two or more units are used). But are vulnerable to Toughs or Pyros in APC

Jeeps are good for Attacking Toughs & capturing territories quickly. They are vulnerable to Psychos & Snipers

Light Tanks are good in pairs for Attacking Howitzers or Mobile Missile Launchers if carefully positioned. They are vulnerable to Powerful vehicles

Medium Tanks are useful for Attacking Light Tanks, Guns & Howitzers. They are vulnerable to Heavy Tanks

Heavy Tanks are good for Attacking Gatling Guns, Guns & Other tanks. They are vulnerable to Pyros and Mobile missile launchers.

Mobile Missile Launchers are good for Attacking Heavy & Medium Tanks. They are vulnerable to Pyros in APCs & Light Tanks

APCs are good for With Pyros or Toughs, APCs are effective Light & Medium Tanks against all robots and slow moving vehicles.

Cranes are good for Repairing broken buildings/bridges and holding flags. They are vulnerable to Tanks

Gatling Guns are good for Attacking Jeeps. They are vulnerable to Tanks and snipers.

Guns are good for Attacking weak infantry, Light Tanks. They are vulnerable to Snipers, Heavy

Tanks & Mobile Missile Launchers.

Howitzers are good for Attacking slow vehicles. They are vulnerable to Medium Tanks

Rocket Launchers are good for Attacking Tanks. They are vulnerable to Multiple Laser Robots.


Use grunts by sending them in as many directions as possible to keep the enemy busy. Try leaving them just behind a gun emplacement, if the gun is sniped your grunt will get in and carry on firing. In a similar vein, get grunts to follow vehicles so that if it is sniped it can easily be reclaimed. Use Grunts with Grenades to Destroy enemy buildings. You can use grunts to draw the first shot from a vehicle, such as a Heavy Tank, allowing you to attack the vehicle with more powerful units giving them a better chance of survival. If you have a surplus of grunts, use them by attempting to snatch valuable flags.


One set of Psychos will normally snipe a jeep. Two sets of Psychos attacking a tank from two different directions at once will usually result in sniping the vehicle, this works well against light tanks, Gatling guns, and occasionally medium tanks. Do not send Psychos against larger emplacements.


Toughs are very good against Snipers and are handy to destroy bridges or enemy buildings in order to stop them producing units out of it. If you destroy a bridge when units are on it they will also be eliminated. Use toughs to guard flags on islands. If you are given a unit of toughs at the beginning of a level, if possible make an APC and put them in it. An APC with toughs is as powerful as a medium tank and will be built quite quickly. Jeeps are good against toughs and therefore together they make a good combination.


Use snipers against Gatling guns and Guns as their long range allows them to snipe the emplacement out of it’s range. Make sure that you walk snipers up to the best sniping position, if they notice a flag or empty vehicle within their site range they will always run for it. Put Snipers into empty hardware whenever you can as they have a higher intelligence and will be far more effective in combat. Two sets of snipers spaced out against any sort of tank will usually result in the vehicle being sniped.

If you want to you can keep ordering a group of snipers into the fort even if there are gun emplacements on it, if the snipers stop to shoot at the guns order them into the fort again, because they are being fired at and are the fastest troop in the game they will sometimes run under the bullets and into the fort.

Attacking a howitzer can usually result in a snipe if you are quick enough to follow the following instructions - Target the gun then when the Howitzer fires order them left, right or down (never up) in order to get into range, the snipers will fire twice now order them somewhere else then quickly order them in the opposite direction to where you just told them to go, the Howitzer will fire at the previous location rather than the latest order if you time it right allowing you to take another couple of shots. This takes practice but if done right results in a free Howitzer every time.

Also try putting snipers in a APC to attack Howitzers.


Like toughs these can be used to destroy buildings and bridges. In a APC they are very useful against Medium Tanks, Heavy tanks and Missile launchers, but Pyros are quite week on foot.


Like snipers Lasers have a large range and are effective against Gatlings and Guns. Two sets of Lasers attacking a tank from two directions will usually result in sniping the vehicles driver, this works well against all types of vehicles. Even if you don't snipe the driver Lasers do a very large amount of damage and will destroy a light or medium very easily. Try to avoid attacking a group of Lasers with any single unit, always try to attack them with two or more units. Attack Lasers with tanks placed the opposite side of buildings as tanks can fire over buildings but Lasers can't.


Jeeps can travel quickly, use them to grab territories. To snipe a light tank send the jeep just past it. The jeep will try to move around the tank with a very high chance of snipping it (Note: the chance of sniping greatly increases if you do this maneuver on a road). Jeeps are useful to attack toughs because toughs shoot over the jeeps because they are so quick. The best defense against jeeps are troops use Psychos, Snipers or Lasers or any troop inside an APC.


Park an APC right outside the robot factory door then take the grunt driver out and when the new troops are made they automatically get inside. APC's are very effective against jeeps. To hold a flag on an island place some troops inside an APC get them out collect the flag then place them back inside the APC for protection. Pyros are the best troop to place inside an APC, they are especially good against Heavy tanks and Mobile Missile launchers, if you fire at either of these two vehicles when going over rubble you will destroy them. They are not effective against guns. Toughs inside an APC are as effective as an Medium tank. The CPU doesn't place troops inside APC's so any APC's that the enemy has will only contain Grunts and should be easy to destroy.

Light Tank

All tanks are useful to destroy a bridge, especially if there's an enemy unit on the bridge when it blows up. Have a set of troops following tanks so that they can quickly reclaim the vehicle if it is sniped, this is a particularly effective tactic on the earlier levels where tanks are gold dust. Place tanks on the opposite side of a building when attacking troops as you will be able to fire over the building at the troops while the troops will have to walk around to attack by which time you should have destroyed them. Two Lights spread out are very effective against a Howitzer. Snipers, Lasers, and jeeps are all effective at sniping light tanks. Use either Medium or Heavy tanks to easily dispatch a Light tank.

Medium Tank

All the techniques described for lights are valid for Mediums with the addition that they are harder to destroy and have a harder wallop. Heavies are this vehicles nemesis, or jeeps are quit effective too at sniping the driver out.

Heavy Tank

Heavy Tanks can destroy guns and Gatling guns without getting hit due to their range. If you’re attacking either a Rocket launcher or Howitzer just as their shell is about to hit the tank, order the tank forward it will be hit but will now be in range and able to fire at the target before it fires again. If you don't order the tank forward as the shell approaches the tank will be hit but will also retreat then try again to attack and be destroyed.

You can win every time against a medium by targeting them as they come into range, after the heavy has fired retreat and then fire again, two shots and the medium will be destroyed without a scratch to your heavy (This works well against APC's and light tanks, although light tanks might run under your shot and do a lot of damage due to their speed).

Heavy tanks are very slow at firing so if they are attacked with multiple groups they can be quickly dispatched as long as the attacking units can do enough damage quickly, also Mobile Missile Launchers have a longer range and can usually kill a Heavy with one shot.

Mobile Missile Launchers

This unit does the most damage in the game. To prevent getting sniped turn the vehicle around after it has fired by ordering it to go a centimeter behind itself, if the target is still alive and in range the Mobile Missile Launcher will fire without the base turning around. If you are fighting another Mobile Missile Launcher just as yours fires order it to go to a destination behind it, this should prevent it getting hit by the other unit or at least reduce the amount of damage it will take. This vehicle can only be sniped from the front, also Pyros inside APC's and light tanks are very effective against it.


They are mainly used is to mend bridges, but you can use also use cranes to pin down annoying troops, and they are handy to leave on top of a flag if your close to producing something but the enemy is running to get the flag, the crane may get destroyed but it usually takes enough hits to stall the enemy long enough fort the factory to produce your unit. You can use cranes to draw the first shot from large vehicle or emplacement allowing you to attack the vehicle with more powerful units giving them a better chance of survival.


Good at sniping jeeps and light tanks. Place this unit near a flag and as troops run to claim the flag the Gatling can mow them down. They aren’t hard to kill - just don't use jeeps.


These can be used to blow up both bridges and factories, sometimes you will be able to make a gun close enough to an enemy factory to destroy it.

When it's made don't place it, instead wait for the enemy to approach attack him head on then place the Gun behind the enemy Unit.

Guns are very good at taking out Howitzer gun emplacements if you are able to place them near enough. The gun will get blown up but will either heavily damage or destroy the Howitzer and they are quick to make, and well worth the sacrifice.

Use Lasers, Snipers, Heavy tanks or Mobile Missile Launchers to destroy these without damage.


Destroy Gatling guns and Guns easily with them. If you want to take out a Howitzer and haven't got the fire power to do it make a Howitzer in an adjacent territory if you are able and simply place it within range of the Howitzer you wish to destroy, your Howitzer will blow up but so will the enemies’. By doing this you've lost nothing more than him but destroyed an annoying hurdle. If you place it right you can hit the enemy fort without being in range of the gun emplacements. Snipers, Lasers, Heavy tanks and light tanks are effective against Howitzers.

Rocket Launcher

Very good for fort defense as they do a lot of damage and fire quickly. When it's made don't place it wait for the enemy to approach attack him head on then place the Gun behind the enemy Unit. Placing a Rocket launcher in the entrance of your fort is the best defense possible. Very hard to kill with a single unit use multiple groups to take it out.


Grenades can be used by Grunts, Psychos and Snipers. If you fire at a box of grenades when an enemy unit is near the resulting explosions will usually do a large amount of damage. If an enemy unit is blasting it's way through a group of rocks target your men with grenades at the rocks just ahead of the enemy. You're unit will throw grenades at the rocks but by this time the enemy has moved to where you targeted and will be hit by the grenades and sustain large amounts of damage.

Repair Bays

Very quick at getting vehicles up to full strength quickly in comparison to how long they take to produce. If a repair bay is near a vital area place a tough vehicle near it and whenever it is damaged repair it. When battles start getting heavy just send the odd vehicle to be repaired and carry on with the battle when you look at the repair bay you will often be surprised at the amount of vehicles that mount up and can turn around a battle


At the beginning of a level don't try to produce loads of large units like Heavy tanks and Lasers try to produce quick units initially then change it to larger units this will help you get a grip on the level before you get swamped. If you can’t get a territories flag, try to destroy the factory. If your about to lose a territory change the unit being manufactured to the worst one possible so that the CPU or opponent will not benefit from the time you've spent making it.


Level strategies contain information on each of the twenty levels in the single player game. This guide comprises an overview of the level, the units you start with and some basic tactics for winning the battle. These tactics tell you the initial moves you should make to establish yourself and a few possible ideas which may put you into a strong position to win the battle.

For help with levels 1 & 2.
For help with levels 3 & 4.
For help with levels 5 & 6.
For help with levels 7 & 8.
For help with levels 9 & 10.
For help with levels 11 & 12.
For help with levels 13 & 14.
For help with levels 15 & 16.
For help with levels 17 & 18.
For help with levels 19 & 20.

Level 1 - Virgin Soldiers

The player starts with a limited number of robots. This is a simple map with limited territories and resources. Jeeps are the main influence in this level and controlling these will greatly increase your chances of winning. You start the game with 3 Grunts.


Capture the jeeps and group your units together to make assaults up both sides of the map. Do not allow jeeps to become separated from their accompanying robot units - if this happens, your drivers may be shot and blue robots will steal them. Take the robot unit in front of your fort straight up towards the central territory flag - they will pick up the grenades and blast their way through the wall automatically.

By outnumbering the CPU jeeps it should be easy to shoot the drivers out and capture them for yourself.

When you reach the top of the map, position your group south of the road directly below the CPU fort entrance. Rush the entrance with all your units - The Gatling Gun will not be able to pick them all off. Alternatively, use two or more groups to take out the Gatling gun using a pincer movement.

Level 2 - Psychos

This level sees the first introduction of the light tank and Gatling gun. The player will learn how to use grenades and tanks to clear rocks to flags and resources. The technique of using robots to move across water is introduced. You start this level with 4 Grunts.


Use long range, single orders to save time - Send a robot unit to capture the flag to the far left of your fort. They will pick up the grenades and get into the tank automatically.

Similarly, send a robot unit to get into the Gatling gun behind the rocks on the right. They will collect the grenades and capture the jeep automatically.

Send a unit diagonally towards the Gatling Gun by the flag controlling the 1 star Tank factory. Set up the factory to produce a light tank and then send the remainder of the robot unit on to the central territory where they can join forces with the jeep from the right to attack the CPU forces defending the vehicle factory.

You may like to consider using a tank to destroy their vehicle factory if you can’t capture the territory.

Level 3 - Death Valley

The CPU fort is protected by water in front and by rocks to either side. The territory flags are not close to buildings, encouraging player to destroy buildings rather than trying to recapture them. You start with 2 Grunts, 1 Psycho and 1 Light Tank


Provide plenty of protection for the flag controlling your left hand vehicle factory inside the rock circle on the left.

Try to poach his two star robot factory just before the units are manufactured.

Watch out for light tank raids down the right hand side of the map as the Gatling Gun defending the bottom right territory will offer little resistance.

Build Psychos straight away in your 2 star robot factory. Use these robots to take out the Gatling gun defences inside the rocks below the CPU fort.

If you can’t control the territory, you can slow down the CPU's production of vehicles in the factory by using grenades against it.

Level 4 - Desert Islands

This level is mainly robot based. There is an important territory in the centre of map, with a 2 star robot factory. One of the tank factories (centre right territory) can only be captured by robots as the territory flag is on an island. You begin with 3 Grunts and 1 Psycho


Capture the light tank on the left and move it up to take the flag controlling the tank factory and to defend the road junction. From here it can be easily moved into the centre if required.

Try to take and hold the central territory. Build some Psychos to take the right hand central territory later.

Make sure you give the Gatling gun on the right some support rather than leaving it on its own to defend that side of the map - The CPU often mounts its main attack on the right if you control the centre.

Level 5 - Hot Nuts

A large volcanic river separates the battlefield into two halves. Access is only possible via the road system around the edges. The player must defend one route and attack on the other. You start with 2 Grunts & 2 Psychos


Capture the light tanks North and South of your fort. Get a Light Tank to the defend the top centre. Send the other tank and a unit of robots to the bottom centre as quickly as possible. The robot factory at the bottom is very important as it can make Toughs and Snipers. Snipers have a long shot range and can be used to remove the gun emplacements.

Poach the central territory if the CPU moves his defences away. Even if this is only temporary, your buildings will work faster for that time.

The CPU often leaves the territory south of his fort poorly defended and this provides a good extra territory to grab.

Level 6 - Sooty Bolts

There are three routes from both the CPU and HCP forts which can be used to launch alternative attacks. This is the first level where a 2 star vehicle factory is available to produce a medium tank. You start with 1 Grunt, 2 Psychos & 1 Light Tank


Move your light tank and Tough robots straight up to take the territory above your fort. Once captured, you may like to destroy the bridge in front of your fort.

Blow your way through the rocks on the right using the grenades to get the tank factory working.

Capture the light tank on the left and then send it with the remaining robots up to the second row left hand territory and then hold on. It is dangerous to push on to try to take the CPU's 2 star tank factory too early.

Build Snipers robots to take the territory in the centre and to sneak round from the right to take the centre right territory (which the CPU often leaves undefended).

Level 7 - Pyro Technics

A central road runs between the two forts. On either side is a maze of rock formations. In the gaps in these rocks are pieces of uncaptured hardware as well as a factories on either side. The central road gives access to the 4 star factory in the centre. Other routes from the sides onto the road exist but are in some cases blocked by rocks which can be destroyed. You start with 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Light Tank


Blast your way through towards the flag in the centre left territory and pick up the uncaptured light tank.

You can use your Medium tank to effectively defend the road just below the central territory.

Take your tough robots through the rocks to the right and then use the land bridges from the right hand side into the centre to capture the radar station territory.

Be careful not to spread your resources too thinly. Take either the left or right hand side of the map in addition to attacking up the central road.

Level 8 - Molten Kombat

Quite a number of unmanned pieces of hardware are scattered around the map. The player must capture as much of this before the CPU. It is important to capture and maintain possession of the central territory with the 2 star tank factory. The destruction of bridges in this level will lock out the CPU from certain areas of the map. You start the level with 3 Psychos / 1 Tough


Try to get to the central territory first and capture the Gun which can defend both the flag and the bridge below it. This can be used to destroy the bridge if necessary to prevent the CPU moving into the centre.

Bring your medium tank up the left hand side and destroy the bridge as the CPU medium tank comes over it. You can try to leave the bridge in tact but by destroying it you leave your medium tank free to reinforce the centre of the map.

Build up a large force in the centre and use snipers to get past the gun defences south of the CPU fort and the guns on the fort itself. Alternatively, bombard the CPU fort with artillery and tough robots.

Level 9 - Slippery Jim

There are many islands in this map - some with resources connected by roads and bridges. Many of areas can therefore only be reached by robots. This makes it important that the player retains control of the robot factories. You start the level with 3 Psychos / 2 Toughs / 1 Medium Tank


Send a unit of robots to collect the gun, the jeep and the central territory in front of your fort.

Move your medium tank into the central area and use it to defend the area.

Pick up the light tank (bottom left) and bring it up to defend the two bridges in the centre left territory. You may be able to pick off CPU robots as they are produced by the island factory to the north of these bridges

Send a unit of robots to capture the bottom right territory and defend it strongly as the CPU often attacks along this road.

Don't try to take the right hand territory too early as the CPU tends to defend it with his medium tank.

Level 10 - The Wall

The main playfield is covered with water. There is a central wall dividing the map which must be broken down to give access to the robot factories on the left and right Control of the centre of the wall is vital to establish a territorial advantage. You start the level with 3 Psychos / 2 Toughs / 1 Medium Tank


You should aim to take the central territory plus one of the two either side of it. Taking all three will spread your forces too thinly - if you succeed at all.

Destroy the rocks between your chosen side territory and the centre to allow units to move easily between them.

Watch out for raiding robots taking the territory to the right of your fort.

Make robots (particularly Snipers) in your fort and use these to defend the central flag.

Level 11 - Chilly Willy

The CPU’s fort is on an island surrounded by water with heavy gun defenses. There are two access points but one is a bridge which if destroyed limits your options. The players fort is on open ground, and is therefore vulnerable to attack from all sides. You start the level with 1 Psycho / 2 Toughs / 1 Sniper / 1 Medium Tank


Move your Tough robots into the APC to the Southeast of the fort .

Move your medium tank up to take and (hopefully) hold the island territory above your fort .

Move robots down to the bottom left territory (picking up the tank as they go) then bring them up the left hand road. Your Tough/APC combination can be used either to reinforce the tank defending the island territory or be placed to the left of your fort to counteract CPU attacks on the left hand side.

Building APCs in your fort and tough robots in the factory to the right is quicker than building medium tanks and is almost as effective.

Always leave at least one unit defending your fort against CPU attack from the right hand side.

Level 12 - Heavy Metal

The player and the CPU are separated by multiple horizontal lines of rocks. The road route is circuitous and slow. Vital to success in this level is control of the central open area. You start the level with 3 Psychos / 2 Toughs / 1 Pyro


As well as taking the territories to the left and right of your fort you must grab the hardware on the road (Points 1 & 2) as quickly as possible and move them up to capture the next row of territories.

Watch the CPU closely and move your forces to intercept his attacks. Look out particularly for where h sends his medium tanks.

If possible, try to destroy the CPU tank factory on the right by blasting through the rocks below it.

Don't be tempted to make powerful, expensive units too early as they take too long to manufacture.

Level 13 - Hot & Steamy

The introduction of chasms means there are areas of the map which cannot be crossed by any unit. Both forts are on the right of the map. The chasms are crossed by roads in several places but are not bridged so the key to success in this level is division of resources between the various access routes. You start the level with 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 1 Laser / 1 Medium Tank


Use your medium tank to move up the right hand side of the map and blast through the rocks below the CPU howitzer . His first shot will hit the rocks most of the time and you can then destroy him and take the territory.

Use Lasers or Snipers to take the central island territory and defend them with your heavy tank from the road below.

Defend the flag controlling the 3 star tank factory on the left heavily. Place your tank to the right of the road and use the repair facility to repair it in between battles.

Make Lasers or Snipers straight away in the central 5 star robot factory.

Level 14 - Restoration

This level sees the first introduction of the crane. Many of the bridges are destroyed, closing down access to various parts of the map. This restricts vehicle movement and therefore it is important to repair these bridges at the beginning of the game to give free movement to your units. You start the level with 2 Psychos / 2 Toughs / 1 Sniper / 1 Heavy Tank / 1 Light Tank


Capture cranes and repair the bridges in front of your fort and in the bottom right as quickly as possible.

Destroy the CPU heavy tank by attacking it through the rocks surrounding your factory in the centre of the map .

Capture the gun on the right and destroy the nearby rocks so that it can be used to defend the road.

Move your forces to "scare" the CPU into retreating as he moves units down the long roads in the centre and on the right of the map.

Park a tank by the repair facility on the left and use it to defend the flag in this territory .

Send Toughs or a tank to destroy the CPU owned 3 star vehicle factory on the left.

Level 15 - Swamp Fever

The forts are very close together but the bridge between the two is destroyed. Players should take control of either the left or right of the map. The player should maintain a good defense in front of the fort as the CPU will repair the connecting bridge and launch a direct attack across the river. You start the level with 3 Psychos / 1 Heavy Tank / 1 Medium Tank / 1 Jeep


Right at the beginning of this level, pick off any CPU units which come close to the water's edge using your heavy tank .

Take the island territory flag to the right and below your fort. Move the robots to the right to capture the adjacent territory. Then move the remaining robots back to defend the island.

Capture the territories in the bottom left of the map and bring the crane back to repair the bridge to the left of your fort .

Use robots to sneak up and capture the two flags to the right of the CPU fort.

Level 16 - Light Brigade

There is a heavily defended direct road between the forts. Access is possible, although difficult, up either side of map. Player must remove defenses on the roads whichever route is chosen. The CPU often launches a direct assault down the central road with a Heavy tank and it is vital to eliminate this unit as soon as possible. You start the level with 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 1 Heavy Tank / 1 Medium Tank


Move your heavy tank up to take the territory in front of your fort and to deter the CPU from pressing an attack down the central road .

After taking your "home" territories try to take the territory on the right which contains the 5 star robot factory.

Use snipers / lasers to take out the Gatling gun protecting the flag on the island on the left .

Level 17 - Car Park

A river runs from north to south, splitting the map into two halves. On a large island to the south lies a very large car park. This contains lots of valuable hardware (mobile missile launchers, tanks etc.). The player starts the level with very few robots and so is, initially, unable to capture all the hardware. The player needs to get control of the two robot factories the bottom of the map as soon as possible in order to manufacture robots to occupy the hardware. Once captured, the hardware must be moved north to defend against CPU attacks in the centre of the map. You start the level with 1 Sniper / 2 Medium Tanks / 2 Light Tanks / 1 Jeep


Use your fast moving units (jeep, Snipers) to get down to the car park and capture some hardware.

Get all your robot factories going. Don't wait for lasers - get something built and get them to the car park ASAP. This is a race against time.

Use your tanks to defend the two routes across the central river (Points 1 & 2). When you have captured the heavy tank and mobile missile launcher in the car park, bring them up to reinforce these two points and then to drive across onto the CPU side of the map.

Do not leave the bridges in the car park undefended. Watch out for raiding robots stealing the hardware on your side of the map.

Once all vehicles in the Car Park have been occupied, build Toughs in the southern robot factories to put into the APCs.

Level 18 - Bridge Game

The forts are relatively close together, connected by 3 (initially destroyed) bridges. To the left and right are large enclosed areas containing 5 star factories and heavy unmanned hardware. Both forts are vulnerable from attack in all directions. Beware of the CPU sending robots across the river and vehicles across the bridges to attack your fort. You start the level with 1 Psycho / 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 1 Pyro / 1 Laser / 1 Heavy Tank / 1 Medium Tank / 1 Light Tank


Leave at least one artillery unit (e.g. Light tank) in front of your fort to keep the bridges destroyed until you want them repaired. Build other units which can keep the bridges destroyed as soon as possible (e.g. Toughs) so that you keep control.

Split your forces evenly and move round to capture the territories to the left and right of your fort (Points 1 & 2) capturing the territories behind your fort on the way.

Use the crane (bottom left) to repair the bridge in that territory and then bring it back to your fort for later.

Build powerful units and reinforce your forces either side until you can make an assault. A few guerrilla operations in the centre will draw some of his forces back to defend his fort.

Level 19 - Mayhem

The large open battlefield is surrounded by buildings and territories which are divided between the two sides. The only way the player can reach the CPU fort is through the central territories. This causes a massive battle as both players compete for resources in the central territory. Raiding missions across the river from the top left and bottom right territories to capture the adjacent territories will give an advantage. You start the level with 1 Tough / 3 Sniper / 1 Laser / 1 Heavy Tank / 1 Medium Tank / 1 Light Tank


Move robots and your medium tank up the left hand road to take all the territories on the left hand side.

Position your medium tanks at the road junction below the top left territory to repel CPU heavy tank assaults.

Send troops along the bottom to pick up the light tank and use your heavy tank to defend the 3 star tank factory territory flag .

Send troops into the bottom left central territory to collect hardware .

Send heavy tank into the bottom right central territory with support from the left and try to hold the 5 star tank factory there whilst a powerful unit is built. Alternatively, try to take the other 5 star tank factory (top left centre) .

Once established you can try the following:

Send Robots to try and steal the blue southern most territory or north-western territory. You will need to use snipers to take the gun emplacements which protect these territories. Taking the territory to the southern territory will enable you to push up the right hand side of the map.

Level 20 - Z

Being the last level of game, everything is thrown at the player. The initial layout is unusual in that many of the buildings are close to the forts. The player must capture as many territories as possible to make these factories effective. It is crucial that the player captures the Mobile Missile Launcher and Heavy Tank in either the top left or bottom right of the map in order to have any chance of winning. You start the level with 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 2 Medium Tanks / 2 Light Tanks


Drive hard up the left hand side of the map, blasting through the rocks to capture these territories and the uncaptured heavy tank and mobile missile launcher . Move the Tank and Mobile Launcher across to defend the road to the right.

Move robots swiftly into the two territories to the right of your fort, using the crane to repair the two bridges closest to your fort.

Use a tank to destroy the bridge in the bottom right corner so that the CPU heavy tank has to take a long route round .

Try to prevent the bridge onto the small island from being repaired or destroy it as CPU tanks come across and establish a strong defence to the west of it as the CPU concentrates attacks in this area.