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Configuring email clients for use with the server

To use all of the server's email capabilities, individual users must configure their email applications retrieve, and possibly send, email through server.

Make sure the following information is entered into the email program used on each registered user's computer:

Email address The format is <yourusername>@<>, (e.g., where <yourusername> is the user name assigned to you as a registered user (for example, "foxtrot"), <> stands for the fully qualified host name of your site (for example, ""), Obtain this information from your system administrator.

SMTP Server This is for outgoing email. This should normally be set to that of your dial-up ISP, such as, however if you must use our services for SMTP, then the format is <> (e.g., "").
PLEASE NOTE We strongly recommend using your ISP's SMTP server. Using ours is likely to result in authentication errors with some email clients.

POP3 or IMAP Server The format is <> (e.g., ""), same as the SMTP server setting. Note: Occasionally, an email application asks for an "incsoming" mail server. The incsoming mail server would be the POP3 server.

POP/IMAP Download & SMTP Frequency. Users should set the frequency for attempting to download email to no more than once every 10 minutes. Users who attempt to download or send email regularly more frequently than this will be considered to be in breach of our terms and conditions of use.