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Domain Name Registration

Just as post-codes are used for particular street names, computers connected to the Internet have unique numerical addresses so that electronic information is delivered to the right place. The Domain Name System (DNS) translates the numerical addresses of computers into more user-friendly names. The resulting Domain Names are easy to recall and help people to find information on the Internet.

Domain Names form part of web site addresses (technically known as URLs - Uniform Resource Locators), for example, and they are often used in advertising to point people to information about an organisation.

Domain Names are also used in e-mail addresses, for example,, that enable people to send and receive electronic messages.

We charge just £15.00 + VAT per yer for a .com, .net or .org names. UK domain names only £7.50 + VAT p.a., or minimum period 2 years.

Unless otherwise instructed we will set up all email to be forwarded to the email address you've registered the domain from, and will forward web requests to a default holding page. Naturally we'd be delighted if you'd like to take up our hosting or web design services.

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