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Blocked/Reject Email.

As spam has become such as problem for many of our clients we are experimenting with DNS block lists of Open Relays and known spam networks to help prevent spam getting through the server.

We have used the following block lists: (Please note the use of these lists are occationaly suspended.)

Rejected Spam/Relay Statistics

Our daily block list statistics.

My email was rejected. Why was I sent here?

If you've been directed to this page, your email server is probably listed by one of the lists above.

You will need to get the system administrator of your network to close any open relays, or stop others from sending spam to be removed from the lists. Please refer them to the sites above.

To contact us please use our contact form. This will avoid the block lists.

I can't send email.

You are probably trying to send (relay) email through our server or your domain as the SMTP server. You should set up your email client to use your dial-up providers SMTP server to avoid relay problems. This page on Outlook Account Properties may help.