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Map 15 The Tomb of Terror

Kill the ogre ahead of you and then press the button on the wall, get the death knight and go through the doorway. Kill another death knight and step on the button and quickly head up the staircase that temporally forms. At the top of the stairs, look up and to the right to see a red Quake button, shoot it, and jump into the portal that forms below. This takes you to the first secret area and some red armour. Drop back down, get the super nail gun. Explode the zombie, get the box of grenades ahead, then enter the room on the right, making sure you take care of the zombies in the alcove. Deal with the two death knights in the room ahead, then jump into the water and swim down for another secret area containing a box if 100 health bonus. Get out of the water and continue to a lift. Grenade the three zombies, and avid the nail traps. Kill an ogre around the corner, and then snag the scrag ahead. Step on the button, and head over the bridge. Step on the next button and nail the death knight that appears behind you. Go over to either of the buttons under the moving spike traps. More scrags attack when you step on the other buttons. When all done, head for the portal, zombies will appear either side of you, kill them and step through the portal back where you started. Go up the stairs, get the 100 health bonus, and turn around to deal with the death knight and ogre. Continue over a temporary walkway with nail traps. Kill the death knight grab the silver key, and exit through the portal. You're teleport back to the start again, open the silver key door and kill the fiend that pounces. Enter and kill the scrag you meet, and shoot the death knight on a ledge above. Go down the stairs, and kill an ogre at the bottom. Walk around and press the wall button, kill the death knight then kill the three ogres along the passageway and press another wall button. Go back up the stairs and kill the scrag and ogre. Enter a room, grab the armour and exit through the slipgate,