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Map 18 The Haunted Halls Secret Mission

Kill the ogre and zombies ahead, ride a lift up, go to open the door you find. A fiend will charge out, kill it, and continue into a room with zombies, scrags and ogres. Deal with them, then press the button on the wall. Go into the next room and exit through the portal. Turn left, drop some grenades into the central pit, then walk into the room, the central will raise with a hopefully dead fiend on it, several ogres will now appear above. Ride the lift up and head right, press the switch in the next room. Kill the zombies that appear behind you, then deal with some scrags. Duck in and out of the room across the walkway to draw ogres out, so you don't have to battle several at once. Run into the room and grab the yellow armour. Run around and get on the lift, jump off and run under the platform for a secret area containing 100 health bonus. Teleport back out and shoot the grating opposite to reveal another secret area containing the quad damage. Kill the remaining ogres and get the lift up, grab all the goodies and press the button on the wall. Run into the next room and shot the symbol on the wall. Kill the ogres and drop a grenade on the vore through the trapdoor. Jump in, walk over the floor switch, the shoot the red switch to teleport out. Go straight ahead and kill the death knight on the stairs. Another waits by the stairs. An ogre drops down from a ledge above in the hallway with nail traps, kill it and run down the hall. Kill another ogre in the next room and use the rocket launcher on the vore in the distance. Press the button and look directly up at the red switch on the ceiling. Shoot it, and you can access another secret area containing yellow armour, quad damage, and a box of 100 health bonus. Head to the left and kill the death knight and ogre. Go to the middle of the walkway and fire a few rockets at the ogre in the cage below. Jump across on top of the cage for another secret area containing a pentagram of protection. Kill a final ogre and exit the level.