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Map 19 The Tower of Despair

Drop to the floor below, Shoot the window, and press the dagger button, that lifts cages on some goodies behind. Grab the 100 health bonus, and get the double-barrelled shotgun from the secret area, and the shells. Kill the knights that approach, then take the corridor to the right and dispose of two more. Shoot the wall at the end of the hall to the right, enter the room, but don't pick up the ring of shadows yet. Wait for the door to close then press the dagger button in the alcove. Shoot the door again to reopen it, and leave the room, a small slope has appeared in the hallway. Go to get the armour, before you can reach it, you are taken to the beams near the start area. Grab the nails and the blue armour.

Continue up the hallway and deal with an ogre and two knights. Run to the end of the corridor and engage another ogre, return to the opening and try to snipe the ogres and vore across the water, if things start getting sticky, drop into the water and run to the left, avoiding a shambler. Take a right turn into a room with a dagger button, press it and get on the platform that lowers, ride it up and jump across for the pentagram of protection. Retreat to the left corridor, shooting at the shambler, keep going left and you'll also meet a vore guarding the quad damage. Grab the quad damage and shoot everything you can, in the halls are several ogres, an ogre in a cage, knights and death knights. When the quad and pentagram burn out return to the platform, ride it up and jump across, grab all the goodies you can, including a nail gun, then find a platform in the far corner of the room to grab some more shells and another double-barrelled shotgun. Now return along the corridor to a room with some slopped beams, that had two ogres in it, one on a platform, kill them if you haven't already, then jump from the higher floor on to the beam, walk up the sloped beam, then jump onto the other one with the health. Walk through a tiny passage ahead, and jump down on top of the ogres cage to get another 100 health bonus and claim a secret area. Drop down to the left, grab a quad damage and take care of three knights and a ogre. Press the dagger button, a room opens to the left, if you try to grab any of the items, the silver key, the 100 health bonus or the yellow armour, you are teleported to the area you saw earlier with the vore and two ogres. The vore is with the silver key. If you still have quad choose the silver key and nail the vore ASAP when you appear there. Grab the silver key, and the other items, then take the teleport that was in the vores area. You will appear on the landing an ogre was on earlier, near the beams. Shoot the wall ahead and jump into the lift that opens. Kill the knight around the corner, then press the dagger button and step away quickly. Turn right and shoot the wall ahead, theis opens up another secret area, if you drop down you'll land on in an area with two ogres. Nail them and kill the death knight below. Drop off the platform and inch towards the spikes on the floor. A trap will drop, but you can step through a hole in the bars to the left. Get an ogre around the corner ahead, then continue ahead, stay on the platform to avoid a vore, a knight and death knight. At the end of the platform is a teleport to the exit, go through it, you can now either exit through the gate or go back to the level to collect any thing you have missed through another teleport.