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Quake Nintendo 64 - The Codes

These end of level level codes are presented in the same order as you get the maps in the game, you start each level with 100% health, most of the codes will also start you with armour and most of the ammo.

  • Cheats: Enter all Q, it will say invalid, exit, then choose options, choose god mode.
  • Map 2: Castle of the Damned, H404 X5LJ YJLP V3ZZ
  • Map 3: The Necropolis H00Y ?sVN K9LP 162C
  • Secret Mission: Map 7, Ziggurat Vertigo,chh7 wxc2 4ddm xz6f
  • Map 4: Gloom Keep, cwh7 8xdq 44?k Lnfd 100
  • Map 5: The Door to Chthon, pqr? z6cm ?nnq xytx 100
  • Map 6: House of Chthon, pLrw bbdn ddLq 3pxf
  • Map 8: The Ogre Citadel, gwy6 7bbb 23bd L4hk
  • Map 9: The Crypt of Decay, b8hy 3bb4 kvbb s?Ln
  • Secret Mission: The Underearth (Map 12), dwr? tLc6 987j z24y
  • Map 10: The Wizard's Manse, d4r8 pxd8 50rz 7sp4
  • Map 11: The Dismal Oubliette, 51r4 mx6q x?bc d5c6
  • Map 13: Termination Central, h8y6 nbbb 1zbd 94hq
  • Map 14: The Vaults of Zin, gm05 62L7 8tbs z9bz
  • Map 15: The Tomb of Terror, bhh1 fxbq g7bb d5jr
  • Map 16: Satan's Dark Delight, dcry 0fyn tx7n bf1v
  • Secret Mission: The Haunted Halls (Map 18), 45rx c5d7 Lvbq 7shq
  • Map 17: Chambers of Torment, 49r3 ccx8 2xLh xspj
  • Map 19: The Tower of Despair, jhy5 1bbb 0qbf d4hx
  • Map 20: The Elder God Shrine, kw03 4xb1 wvbf 37wb
  • Secret Mission: The Nameless City (Map 24), fch7 4bwb 4ybr bwcn
  • Map 21: The Palace of Hate, yth3 ?pdb 8tjh 9mdk
  • Map 22: The Pain Maze, wpr7 6pd4 0hy9 7tLh
  • Map 23: Azure Agony, 4jrx 4c6q qtbb ddjt
  • Final Mission: Shub-Niggurath's Pit (Map 25), kry5 dbbb zgbf 14h3